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2018 iPhones
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Veteran Member
Join Date: May 2004
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2018-09-21, 19:49

Got my Xs in the mail today and... it's a lemon. Touch screen is completely unresponsive. I can wake up the phone with the side button but I can't swipe up to start the setup.
Dark Cat of the Sith
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2018-09-21, 20:49

Well that sucks. Nowhere nearby to exchange, have to RMA by mail I assume?
Veteran Member
Join Date: May 2004
Location: Promise Land of Trustafarians
2018-09-21, 21:10

Took it to both the local T-Mobile store and Apple Store. The Apple Store wouldn’t even let me in the door. Just said they couldn’t help and I have to go to the carrier.

T-Mobile can’t even file a warranty claim because the device isn’t activated.

On hold now with the manager at the Apple Store who so far sounds more helpful.
Veteran Member
Join Date: May 2004
Location: Promise Land of Trustafarians
2018-09-21, 21:58

The manager came through. Did whatever override was necessary and handed me a new device.

edit: Also, the manager said this wasn't the only Xs he'd seen with this problem today.

Just to rant a bit...

If I buy an Apple device, I expect the Apple Store to stand behind it. I do not care that I purchased it through T-Mobile. The Apple Store employee (who was apparently an assistant manager) wouldn't stop with his song and dance about how Apple couldn't service my phone because they'd already sold it to T-Mobile so the profit wasn't theirs? Or something. We argued for quite a while. He just wouldn't shut up about how Apple wasn't financially responsible. Please Apple, take this guy away from a customer-facing position. Kept saying that the carriers do their own repairs (not true for phones still covered under AppleCare) and how Apple can't know T-Mobile's arrangements.

1) Apple is the company that got AT&T to upend their voicemail infrastructure. I'm sure they can find a way to deal with repair chargebacks or whatever's needed.

2) Cut this bullshit that there's some impenetrable firewall between the two companies. We both know that's not true. There are all of four phone carriers Apple cares about in the US. You can figure out their policies.

3) Apple. Shipped. A. Defective. Device. Fix it and deal with billing later.

Man that guy was a prick. Don't go looking for service at the Boulder Apple Store.

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