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Post your computer setup pic

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Post your computer setup pic
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Location: Xenia, Ohio
2020-05-13, 22:32

Originally Posted by kieran View Post
- 21.5" 4K iMad (2019)
Oh dear, is the Calm app available for macOS yet?
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2020-05-13, 23:11

Originally Posted by PKIDelirium View Post
Oh dear, is the Calm app available for macOS yet?
This one just gets a little testy sometimes...
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Formerly turtle2472
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2020-05-14, 10:44

Originally Posted by turtle View Post
Here's my mess:
Things have changed and yet some haven't at all. I still have the same chair in the old set up and the desktop is actually the same. I also am using the same Girffin Elevator laptop stand.


I'm going to mount my CalDigit dock under the desk but having to wait for some work to be done in my new office. Trying to keep everything movable still... plus I can't find my 6' Thunderbolt cable. I also have a few more cable management things to do as you can see.

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2020-05-14, 11:23

Damn! No way I would work that close to a creeper!
Nobody bumps my lock
Join Date: Oct 2005
Location: Xenia, Ohio
2020-05-16, 03:00

Full standing desk setup since my last photo way back. Main:

The daily driver setup with an Asus Win10 laptop, Das Keyboard 4 with MX Blue switches, and Roccat Tyon gaming mouse. Also my Mini is back here now and uses the TV as monitor. First gen Magic Mouse I've had since 2010 on the top shelf for the Mini, recently-acquired (when I moved the Mini back here a month or so ago) current Magic Keyboard down on the tray below when not in use, and in front of the PC keyboard while in use. Magic Mouse I'll either use where it is next to the iPad, or put it down next to the PC's mouse. Mini's 1TB external drive is behind the iPad.

Couple Gatorades to keep on hand down on the tray on the near-floor shelf, with the power strip, cable clutter and some old PC games on CDs on the actual shelf.

Over to the left:

13" MBP, adjustable brightness and temp LED desk lamp with a USB charge port, Xbox One and games on top of the ancient old worn out chest of drawers that happens to be at my perfect standing desk height, it's just slightly higher than the lower level of my actual desk.

Not pictured on the small old desk in the corner to the left of there is my iBook G4 and the 13" white unibody MacBook just kinda stacked there, and an external drive that I don't need frequent access to.

Early '09 Mac mini (El Capitan), iPhone 7 (iOS 12.3), iPad Air 2 (iOS 12.3), Mid '10 MacBook Unibody (High Sierra), Mid '05 14" iBook G4 (Tiger)
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