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iphoto disaster

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iphoto disaster
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2006-03-18, 12:16

Hi, First post on here for a major dilemma

I had over 10,000 pictures from the last 7 years of my life archived in iphoto

Stupidly i did not have them backed up

Inexplicably they have all disappeared from the folders they were in, The Liberary is still there, the folders still exist but all the pics have disappeared

I ran image recall to try and salvage them but it found no results...

This is so baffling to me and i wondered if anyone has heard of this happening before or have any idea's?

The software was all up to date on a 1.33 Ghz 17" Ti powerbook

please help!
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2006-03-18, 14:09

Have you tried Disk Warrior? Don't install it if it's not already on there, but you could boot off the CD and run all the disk repair stuff that way.

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2006-03-18, 21:45

Hi dmh - are you saying the photos are unable to be seen from within the iPhoto app itself (folders are there but no pictures in the database) or that you cannot locate the actual photo files on your HD?

I'm running an old version of iPhoto so the actual location may have changed, but have you checked ~/Pictures/iPhoto Library and the enclosed folders?

If you can locate any of the images on your HD then you can reimport them into iPhoto.

Alternately, you may just need to point iPhoto to your library location.

Let us know.

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2006-03-18, 22:35

try data rescue II

don't write to the drive anymore until you use it.... if you lost the files... they will still be on the magnetic media..... data rescue ii will scour the drive for file headers and recreate files...... it's worth its weight in gold
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2006-03-18, 22:43

Does you drive suddenly have a lot more free space on it, or did iPhoto just lose its brain.
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2006-03-19, 03:38

All the above info is to prevent other applications or system to overwrite your photo files, if unexpectedly iphoto suddenly decided they had been trashed, i.e. "over-writable"... I suggest for maximum security:
Do not try repairing the permissions or anything on the disk (YET).
Start up on another computer running same version of iphoto, then link up with Firewire and in TDM (Target Disk Mode: More info: Then try importing all photo files directly in iPhoto from the "active" computer (using your "sick" computer as a HD)...
If no avail, then scan the HD with the above listed software...
When files have been recovered try repairing permissions with the Apple "disk utility" application...
I got into a similar mess with iTunes... importing all songs on a second computer did the job... never understood what went wrong... never did it again, but then again I do have a back-up now, so it probably won't!
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