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Transferring itunes?

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Transferring itunes?
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New Member
Join Date: Apr 2005
2005-04-04, 08:13

I just upgraded my laptop from an iBook to PowerBook.

How do I transfer my itunes to my PowerBook?
Join Date: May 2004
Location: In your dock hiding behind your finder icon!
2005-04-04, 08:24

1.) Read the posting guidlines

2.) Copy your music folder, iTunes Library (XML file I think), and iTunes Preferences files to your powerbook. You can find the location first two by checking your iTunes prefs. The third will be in your preferences folder in your Library folder in your Home folder.

OK, I have given up keeping this sig up to date. Lets just say I'm the guy that installs every latest version as soon as its available!
I am worthless beyond hope.
Join Date: Jul 2004
Location: Washington, DC
2005-04-04, 16:51

Then, deauthorize the iBook from playing your iTMS songs.

Um, hmm... what else... I think that's about it.

Personally, I used my iPod to transfer my iTunes library, but I didn't have both iBooks together at the same time, either.
Veteran Member
Join Date: May 2004
Location: Denver, CO
2005-04-04, 18:27

Yes, the music and iTunes Library file can be located by going into iTunes prefs -> Advanced. Also, you can use iTunes to export the library file, if you like. Just go to File -> Export Library.
Fishhead Family Reunited
Join Date: May 2004
Location: Slightly Off Center
2005-04-04, 18:30

Unless you've set up your iTunes Library to be somewhere other than the default location, you should just need to copy the iTunes folder in the Music folder in your Home folder - that's where the iTunes Library files AND the music files are.

The Preferences are optional, but can't hurt.
I am worthless beyond hope.
Join Date: Jul 2004
Location: Washington, DC
2005-04-04, 20:39

FWIW, I didn't move the Preferences file.

At least I don't think I did. Hmm...

(that should probably indicate that there wasn't enough of a process to make me lose my mind and reaaallly pay attention.. lol)
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