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Rsync Problem

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Rsync Problem
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Join Date: Oct 2004
2014-02-20, 04:03

Hi there,

I ran a command in Rsync to copy files from one folder to another, following a tutorial, but now there seems to be no way to stop this. Is there no way to remove the link? I tried deleting the destination folder but it creates a new one every time.

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2014-02-20, 08:10

Er, stop running it?

Maybe part of this tutorial was to add rsync to a crontab?

Rsync is a one-and-done command, it won't keep recreating the destination unless you keep running it somehow.

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2014-02-20, 09:19

Yeah, I use rsync for different things daily, and Kickaha is right as usual. I'm curious about what exactly this tutorial said to do.
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2014-02-20, 21:03

Me three. What was the actual command you ran? At least what were the flags?

My typical is -avzP when I'm copying files at work.

I read this at work but wasn't able to really stop to seek more details. I also use this daily via manually typed out commands and scripts.

This thread was my real intro to rsync. Maybe it'll help you as much as it did me.

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