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Is the world ready for iPod HD?

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Is the world ready for iPod HD?
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2007-01-11, 19:01

Originally Posted by chucker View Post
Possible, sure. But even at 480p, you'll have a hard time actually noticing the quality improvement. At 720p, you certainly won't (beyond the ever-present placebo effect).
good point. Also, higher resolutions = more expensive chips = more expensive phone = hotter running = shorter battery life = no real gain = less HD space = pointless

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2007-01-12, 20:53

Originally Posted by dfiler View Post
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2007-01-13, 11:37

That's an external device anchored to your TV. You could get an Apple TV and watch 720p H.264, that's Apples solution. Both devices are a fair bit larger than the iPod it's self too.
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2007-01-13, 17:38

Originally Posted by BFG View Post
'videophiles' - excuse me? Is that an implication of knowledge regarding HD? If so where in gods earth did you get the idea you can pack an ipod with the requisit power to play back 1080p ? Processing power, Heat dissapation, Drive size and throughput, IO - how the hell are you going to get what you need in the size of a freaking ipod?
Geez, I was only speculating. It's only logical that smaller processors are going to be stronger and better. It's called technological evolution.

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2021-09-18, 04:07

This could actually be the ultimate piece of portable Mac hardware for the real fanatic. House it in a cylindrical casing of some sort, beam the movie wirelessly to a pair of iShades, and you have the ultimate tool for the at-home-alone-in-mom-and-dad's-basement Mac user to utilize while watching Keynote streams.

Wow. You managed to drag a 14 year old thread back into the pages of relevancy. Congratulations, and goodbye!

~ Kscherer

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Mr. Farmiga
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2021-09-18, 08:56

Considering the links you’ve provided, I’m betting theres’s a solid “go fuck yourself” joke somewhere in all this.

I bet you look good in red, though. I hear it’s a very popular color in Toledo this time of year.
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2021-09-18, 10:04

I think I heard it is very popular in Toledo!
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2021-09-18, 10:52

I for one enjoyed this trip down memory lane.
Mr. Farmiga
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2021-09-18, 12:37

Somewhere in the spammer handbook (and you know there is one) must be a section/rule regarding "be sure to add your bullcrap to threads no newer than 12 years". Don't they realize that's a huge tip-off? There are plenty of active, current threads going on here (COVID, TV shows, new iPhones, etc.). Drop into one of those to hawk your wares; why dig up up decade-plus-old, long dormant threads to sell vibrators and the like?

Also, the passive-aggressive snark/dig in her(?) post wasn't lost on me. Seems she was firing a shot across the bow of basement-dwelling Mac nerds who'd view product rollout events/keynotes as their own kind of porn.

Being an annoying spammer apparently isn't enough, so why not add insolent twat to the mix? I'm sure that always translates into sales!
The Ban Hammer
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2021-09-18, 12:50

I mean, it is a pretty good one.
Lord of the Rant.
Formerly turtle2472
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2021-09-18, 13:30

Ken, please change the URLs in that set of links so they don't get backlink searches from Google or what have you. No need in giving the spammer more milage out of their time.

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