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It should be the simplest little thing... (Xcode/Address Book problem)

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It should be the simplest little thing... (Xcode/Address Book problem)
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2012-01-20, 00:17

I've been going through the programming challenges over at Project Euler, and I keep running into this issue where Xcode pulls my company name from my contact info in the Address Book. This would be fine if I was writing the code for the company I work for, but I'm not (and it's not their computer, either). I've tried overriding it by entering the command "defaults write PBXCustomTemplateMacroDefinitions '{ORGANIZATIONNAME="Dave";}'" (except it was my full name, not just "Dave"), but Xcode still pulls it from my Address Book entry. Since Xcode refuses to acknowledge the settings in its own preference file (I've checked... the preference file has the correct info), I figure I'll just add myself as a second "job" in Address Book, but I can't figure out how to do that. I even tried creating a 2nd contact with my name and "company", and telling Address Book to merge that contact with the one that has all the rest of my info... no dice — it just picks one set of employment info as the "master" and puts the other set in the notes section.

Does anybody know what the workaround is for this? I don't want to edit out my employer from my contact info because that's who I work for, I just don't do any development for them and therefore don't want Xcode stamping all of my code with a copyright notice in their name.

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