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Question about IBook problem and Applecare

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Question about IBook problem and Applecare
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New Member
Join Date: Jan 2005
2005-02-24, 13:42

This is my first post, but I have been lurking at this forum for a couple of months.

I am a windows convert of about a year now. I purchased a 12" G3 ibook, the last G3 model before the ibook went to G4. Safe to say, although I love this ibook and OS X, I have had a lot of problems.

First, my computer is definently a victim of the Logic Board problem common in this version of the ibook. I have sent it in twice already for repairs for the similar video failure. In fact, I have never had my ibook working for a period of 6 months straight. It is becoming a serious problem because I am a CS student in college and I absolutely need a laptop.

Well, after I return from class today, guess what? The ibook's screen is frozen once I open the lid. It didn't go to sleep for some reason and all I could hear is this weezing noise which I believe was the fan. So I look at the laptop, try to get it to rewake or something, and then smoke starts coming from hinge near the screen. Not Good. I pop out the battery, it turns off, and I wait. So now I can't restart my ibook. It makes the traditional apple chime when I restart but no video and I hear this weird noise coming from the hinge. I try to hook up an external monitor and nothing comes up. I don't hear the hard drive clicking so I assume that is still intact.

Anyway, when I had my laptop repaired for the second time, I asked the technician what I would happen if this problem kept occuring. He said that if it does, that they will give me a new laptop (I have applecare thank god) that most closely matches mine. Well since they don't make G3's anymore, looks like I would get a G4 ibook. So I have kinda been waiting for this problem to occur again.

So my question is two fold. First, is there anyway that I can get my computer to start up in safe mode or something so I could get a screen and get some files off my hard drive. I kinda also want to reset the Pram cause i have that screen spanning hack (always had it and apple never complained or noticed when I sent it in the first two times). So is there a way to do that with the current condition of my laptop.

Second, how do I put pressure for Apple to give me a new laptop? Its clear that the G3's have serious problems when it comes to the logic board. I just want to convey that the only way they can remedy the problem is by giving me a new laptop. Has anyone gone through a similar experience? How has apple responded in the past when it came to constantly repairing the same computer?

Thanks in advance for any of your responses and or advice


I hope this is the right forum, if not, move accordingly
Fishhead Family Reunited
Join Date: May 2004
Location: Slightly Off Center
2005-02-24, 13:46

Depending on what you want to do, or what you have available, you could start up the iBook in Firewire Target Disk mode, and then hook it up to another Mac to copy files. Or, you could hook up an external monitor, which should allow you to boot up the machine normally.

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New Member
Join Date: Jan 2005
2005-02-24, 14:01

Well how do i restart in firewire target disk mode? I have an ipod which could have things transferred to it? Is there a way to do that? How could I transfer to another Mac?

Edit: Actually, when trying to restart in this mode, I still can't see stuff on the screen so I don't really know if it matters

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Fishhead Family Reunited
Join Date: May 2004
Location: Slightly Off Center
2005-02-24, 14:24

If it's working, you will see your hard drive mount as an external drive on the Mac it's plugged into. That way, you're able to see your files, because they will be on the screen of the other Mac.
Anonymous Coward
Join Date: May 2004
2005-03-17, 23:21

My G3 iBook display failed just today.

Like you, I cannot see what is going on.

First, this is what I did successfully. I connected two iBooks with a Firewire cable and started, with the "t" key depressed, and the bad iBook showed up with a generic firewire external drive icon and the computer's name.

However, that is the second time I tried. The first time I tried, I got a display for a couple of seconds with a firewire icon, but that locked up and the display eventually became colored vertical lines.

So, I would say, even if it doesn't work the first time, keep trying.

In between attempts, I tried connecting with a firewire cable and tried to connect, but was unsuccessful.

I have read in other threads that you don't have to push too hard to get the computer replaced after it has failed numerous times. Perhaps it helps if you go to an Apple Store genius bar. A sympathetic genius will put the right words when he or she writes up the symptoms. This will be my iBook's fourth time in for repair. (The third time it went in twice, a week apart, and even though the Apple Store duplicated the problem, the repair depot reported they could not. However, the second time, even though they said they did nothing, the computer mysteriously started working perfectly ... until today, a few months later.)

Usually the iBook works perfectly, except for once each semester right before an important presentation or programming project!

Edit: From another AppleNova thread, by BarracksSi:

"Start bugging Apple for a whole new replacement. No need to start yelling or cursing at them, but be stern and professional about it. I'm on my fourth logic board now, and the agreement I have with them is that if there's anything going wrong with it (even if it's not video-related), they'll give me a new one. I've been really patient, and I think they know that."

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I am worthless beyond hope.
Join Date: Jul 2004
Location: Washington, DC
2005-03-21, 00:35

Wow, someone found a reason to quote me!

Anyway -- here's an update for me:
Anonymous Coward
Join Date: May 2004
2005-03-23, 17:27


I didn't take my iBook to the Apple Store with the sympathetic Genius because I went to one closer to school which is much less crowded.

The iBook was taken to the Apple Store late Friday afternoon.
The iBook is back to my doorstep on Wednesday morning.

My doorstep is in the San Francisco Bay Area.
In the past, the iBook has gone to Austin, TX.
This time it went to "Flextronics International, Memphis, TN".

The G3 800 Mhz logic board was replaced. The original off-white bottom was replaced with a white bottom. (It doesn't match the battery now, but now all four feet are firmly in place and the ring around the battery latch, which was broken two repairs ago, is replaced.) The keyboard is clean of all the accumulated dirt below the keys.

I'm not picky about appearance, so I'm happy to have a functional iBook.

The purpose of this update is to say that the G3 800 MHz logic boards are available and used for repair and, unlike others who have mentioned being surprised by an upgrade, this is not automatic and if you really want an upgrade, a supporting statement from an Apple Genius or AppleCare is required.
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