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Blackleg Miner : Songs by which to Mine

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Blackleg Miner : Songs by which to Mine
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Magnificent Basturd™
Join Date: May 2004
Location: Atlanta
2012-01-23, 11:53

What do you listen to when you be digging dirt?

Captain Drew prefers The New Minstrel Revue singing Blackleg Miner

It's in the evening after dark,
When the blackleg miner creeps to work,
With his moleskin pants and dirty shirt,
There goes the blackleg miner!

Well he takes his tools and doon he goes
To hew the coal that lies below,
There's not a woman in this town-row
Will look at the blackleg miner.

Oh, Seghill is a terrible place.
They rub wet clay in the blackleg's face,
And around the heaps they run a trace,
To catch the blackleg miner!

So, dinna gan near the Delaval mine.
Across the way they stretch a line,
To catch the throat and break the spine
Of the dirty blackleg miner.

They grab his duds and his pick as well,
And they hoy them down the pit of hell.
Doon ye go, and fare ye well,
You dirty blackleg miner!

So join the union while you may.
Don't wait till your dying day,
For that may not be far away,
You dirty blackleg miner!


Steve Jobs ate my cat's watermelon.
Captain Drew on Twitter
Join Date: May 2004
Location: Purgatory
2012-01-23, 12:04

Originally Posted by drewprops View Post
What do you listen to when you be digging dirt?
Hole, Blockhead, White Zombie and of course Nick Cave.
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