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Bright Spots on iBook Screen

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Bright Spots on iBook Screen
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2004-11-03, 16:51

Hey, first post here.

My ibook is about 8 months old now. It's the one with the 14" screen, 933 mhz.. I have the Airport and additional RAM (640 megs in all), apart from that it's completely stock.

About a month after buying it I noticed these two irregular bright spots close to (but not in) the lower right corner of the screen. They're bright, but not white - you can't see it at all if that part of the screen isn't displaying a plain color, or a very simple shape. So basically, with my regular picture background, you can't see it without looking very closely.

I handed it in to the service guys here in Stockholm, Sweden, and they replaced the screen, on the warranty. I get the computer back, the screen is fine.. for a month. Then new bright spots appear, same corner, but not in the exact same location, and the spots are not the exact same shape either. I hand it in for another screen replacement - Once again they replace the screen, and this time also the screen cover, I think.

3 weeks later, and guess what.. the spots are back. Does this happen a lot with ibooks? It seems like unbelievably bad luck to get 3 defect screens in a row, which also leads me to suspect that something other than the screen causes this... but I'm just guessing.

I suppose I don't mind right now, since the warranty covers it, but I'd hate to think what happens when the warranty runs out (it's only a year IIRC), if they still haven't hooked me up with a working screen.
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2004-11-03, 17:07

sounds like the screen itself is getting warped by the housing. have them replace the entire top half, not just the LCD. i'd guess it's something wrong with the LCD housing that's causing the problems.


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