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MC: AppleNova Minecraft Deathmatch Arena

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MC: AppleNova Minecraft Deathmatch Arena
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Which way is up?
Join Date: Aug 2004
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2019-07-31, 11:44

There is also the football stadium out at Tall Town. It is significantly larger than the hockey arena, with a field that is 50m x 100m not including sidelines and end zones. It's pretty big, although some of the seating remains unfinished. Also, it has a parking garage.

As far as messing up my work, I wouldn't volunteer the spot if I was worried about that.

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2019-08-04, 14:34

I would've sworn that the football stadium was close to the same size as the hockey arena, but it really is half again as big. Maybe the biggerness of Tall Town makes it seem 'in scale' with the rest, and not so dramatic as a huge stadium sitting out alone in a snowy taiga. They're both pretty fucking massive either way.

So it goes.

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Join Date: May 2004
Location: Purgatory
2019-08-04, 14:44

Originally Posted by Brad View Post
Preferred location for a new (future) underground arena?

1. North side of the eastern canal that leads to Bradtropolis and points towards 13topia.
2. West of Cashout Cove far in the middle of the ocean, past the Enterprise but before Arteggio castle.
3. Somewhere near the winter wonderland hockey rink.
4. Repurposing Tall Town's Luxor basement.
I vote north (like, north north*) of the canal, above ground.

* not because it wouldn't be great next to the canal, but because moving it more north would better fill that chunk out. Plus, more monsters, since Brad The Defiler needs more of his buildings crushed.

** OR, put it closer to the canal, but leave room along the waterfront for a stadium district of bars and hoors. And maybe a sex shop or two. And a liquor store. All the fun stuff basically.

So it goes.
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