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Kaleidoscope Vision

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Kaleidoscope Vision
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Join Date: May 2004
Location: Canada
2013-12-10, 13:43

So my right eye is almost useless right now. All I can see is like I'm looking through a kaleidoscope. Crazy. A quick trip to Google tells me I either have MS, I'm going to have a stroke, or it's an ocular migraine (also called optical, visual, or painless migraine).


So anyway, this ever happen to anyone else? I with there was a way to take a picture of this shit, it's crazy!!
Veteran Member
Join Date: May 2004
2013-12-10, 14:03

I used to get those in my early twenties, looks like a black and purple snowflake that radiates out from the centre of the eye outward, complete obscuring vision in that eye?

Join Date: May 2004
Location: Canada
2013-12-10, 14:54

No, it's more like smooth, kind of banana shaped little shimmering pools that are going back and forth in a circle. Started out covering almost the whole right eye's vision, then mostly around the outer ring of my field of vision towards the end. They're so vivid that I was just sitting there watching them. Kind of beautiful to look at, actually.

It only lasted about 25 minutes, basically gone now. It was so weird though, it came on so suddenly and so strongly that I kept waiting for waves of pain to hit but they never did. What a trip.
Making sawdust
Join Date: May 2004
Location: Minnesota
2013-12-10, 15:22

Take some advil, close you eyes, and put an icepack on them. Its the only thing that helps me when i get them. Reading just makes it worse.
Mr. Vieira
Join Date: May 2004
Location: Tennessee
2013-12-10, 15:43

How freaky. My eyes have been doing a few crazy things. I think it's just getting older (and frying them with daily computer/screen exposure). I was in the store the other night and, for the first time, truly having trouble reading some small print on a bottle. I had to ask someone, and I'm sure she thought I was hitting on her (and I wasn't). I just couldn't read the small, low-contrast type...near, far, any angle. I looked like an idiot, all the contortions and movements I was making to try and find the perfect distance.

I get "colors" and shapes flying in sometimes. Never any pain.

And I swear my eyes have changed color over the years. Used to be very hazel/grey, but now much more blue. So much so, I've had people comment on it (or ask if I was wearing colored contacts).

Is that even possible? Iris/color changing over time?

Or is that just my dormant alien DNA rustling about?
Join Date: May 2004
Location: Road Warrior
2013-12-20, 21:02

I get ocular migraines sometimes, started about 6 years ago, typically only happened a couple of times a year, last year it happened more frequently but I haven't had one in many months. Unfortunately, don't have much to add as the exact cause of why I was getting them is a mystery to me(And my optometrist; never saw an ophthalmologist or other specialist). My two suspicions were stress/fatigue and photosensitivity. I'm someone who is already pretty sensitive to say strobing lights or really bright lights at all, I think a bit more than average and the times when I have been most susceptible to ocular/optic migraines have seemed to have been times of extra fatigue or pushing myself too hard; playing basketball in the morning after staying up late at night or (more alarmingly) going on very long drives particularly without sunglasses and during daylight have seemed to be two culprits.

The only other real tip/experience thing I think I could relay is that an aspirin or other anti-inflammatory blood thinning product might help alleviate it faster as well, I haven't really confirmed this for myself but a person I know who regularly gets full blown migraines with ocular effects did say that the aspirin at least helped with the vision stuff.

As far as I know ocular migraines in and of themselves aren't necessarily a cause for concern unless they start happening very regularly and are accompanied with other symptoms. The thing that has always concerned me is if/whenever it happens while I am engaged in something like driving or even just writing an email or whatever since the only real solution is just full-stop 'time out'.

Eyes, nature's what the fucks.
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