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Home theatre video nerds advice...

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Home theatre video nerds advice...
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2023-12-04, 18:35

Matsu, any chance you took pictures of your custom mount? I'm curious of it. While I think I see it in my mind, I'd like to know for sure.

For the bias lighting, I read that if you want it right it shouldn't match the tones on the screen but should be white/off white. I haven't tried yet, but plain white LED strips should be simpler to get and power off of the TV too.

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2023-12-04, 21:20

I should have. My HDMI cables didn’t come in yet, so I’ll have to take it down once in order to run them. I’ll snap a pick when I do.

Think of a small cleat. About 10” wide so it fits just inside the 300mm width of the VESA mount. Rather than put weird bends in the TV side mounting bracket, the whole thing just loops over the cleat like a horse shoe. Because the cleat itself is rather short I cut it out of an inch thick piece of hardwood board (7.25 wide) that I knew was straight and not likely to twist or cup. Just to be sure I put five construction screws through it to the plywood blocking behind the drywall.

This doesn’t have the same side to side play as a retail mount that has to hit studs and allow for centering the tv. But I didn’t need that flexibility, I transferred the measurements from a TV schematic to the wall and mounted it dead centre and level before hanging the TV.

I just measured the floating edges - the front surface of the screen sits exactly 2.125” from the wall. Not bad for a 1.9” thick TV.
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2023-12-06, 11:23

I don't yet have external sources connected, so I've been adjusting the display based on Netflix/Prime/Disney streaming content.

I find the menu system a tad fiddly, and documentation is poor/non-existent.

That said this is the closest I've come to what I describe as the "organic?" quality of movie reproduction of our 15 year old plasma set.

There can be a hint of judder from poor source material (some Youtube and embedded videos viewed in the built-in web browser) but I think I'm the only one who can detect a hint of it. Plasma has none, but that's the difference between 480hz and a measly 120hz That said the TV also has the one of the more benign motion interpolation settings I've seen in the "Cinematic Movement" setting - that seems able to cure these occurences, though setting it to "off" is still better with any proper 24P, 30P, or greater source. I suppose that any 48P films will rely on a 3:2 pulldown so no concern there - was pretty perfected with 24P material on 60hz displays.

This brings me to something. The picture processing can suffer from being too perfect. Our Samsung Frame doesn't do this. The Samsung presents material pleasantly, but is not as transparent. The LG, at the same 4K, shows things in HDR that I'm sure the filmmaker did not want us to see...

This is surely a confluence of a few factors, including the original capture fidelity and mastering of the source. I saw some new flaws in Peter Jackson's LoTR for instance, where the difference between the scanned and graded 35mm and the digital SFX is suddenly more obvious. Being a complete film nerd, I know that this can happen at different resolutions before being output to the final finished material, but it makes me wonder, really, how anything in the existing motion picture catalogue can really hold up beyond 4K? Things are already starting to look too "precise", at least up to sub 80" sizes.

To really get the film/theatre experience, you also need to turn off all the noise reduction and processing, including sharpness to 0-out-of-100 (even the default "10" is too high). That lets the grain come back up and softens the edges between source capture and SFX post process... And still it's a bit too "clean". Again, I think this comes down to a combination of factors: 4K provides more detail making the outline between lit pixels and blacks a little too perfect. At only 1080p, Plasma wasn't showing the edges quite so crispy. Finally, the way a projection movie screen reflects back light/gain is just different. In some ways the back-light glow from an LCD provides a similar softening of the experience. I need a little more time with display settings and room lights here.


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