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MC: 1.15 - Bees!!

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MC: 1.15 - Bees!!
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Magnificent Basturd™
Join Date: May 2004
Location: Atlanta
Yesterday, 13:43

Thanks!! I'll give it a shot on my next foray into the game. I just fenced off a section of the land around my place so I can start farming. It's cute how small my operation is compared to y'all's.

Also: iron and glass are a pain in the ass.

Join Date: May 2004
Location: Purgatory
Yesterday, 14:30

Protip for making fancy diamond kit without all the digging:

- Chop down trees, get logs.
- Cook logs in furnace to make charcoal.
- Cook charcoal in blast furnace to make coal
- Make coal blocks from coal
- Cook coal blocks in blast furnace to make diamonds

[edit]: Since I was curious what a stack would actually produce :

- Cook stack of logs to make charcoal (64)
- Cook 36 pieces of charcoal with 9 charcoal for 36 coal (1 charcoal cooks 4 coal)
- Make 4 coal blocks from 36 pieces coal
- Cook 4 coal blocks with 16 pieces charcoal (4 charcoal cooks 1 coal block for 1 diamond)

So, 1 stack of logs gets you a final tally of 4 diamonds and 3 pieces of charcoal.

So it goes.

Last edited by 709 : Yesterday at 23:29. Reason: Better math
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