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OT: Dealing with dell and dell financial

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OT: Dealing with dell and dell financial
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2005-01-06, 13:30

This past Summer I was repeatedly called by some people from India asking when I was going to pay for some items I'd ordered from Dell.

Long story short: Dell had allowed some person(s) unknown to me to order and receive items under a Dell preferred account opened in my name. NEVER was I contacted by anyone to verify that I'd ordered this stuff nor to authorize the account.

Here is the last in a series of correspondences that I've had with dell ( I responded to each part of his latest letter, those are my responses after the slashes in the letter) :

On Jan 6, 2005, at 12:30 PM, <> wrote:

Mr xxxxxxxxxx,
Ok, I have spoken to Dell Financial Services and also the representative who has spoken to you in the past. Now, just for future reference Dell Financial Services is not Dell, they are an independant brokerage that provides financial solution to customers who wish to buy computers or hardware from Dell.

*-- So Michael Dell has no financial interest or authority at Dell Financial Services? I don't think so. I'm thinking that no company would be allowed to use the name Dell without Michael Dell's permission and/or involvement. One thing about us little people: we hate it when huge corporations hide behind such obvious blinds.

From what I was told by Dell Financial Services they contacted you about this case, and according to the records they mentioned to me, the Fraud Report will provide whatever information they need to investigate this issue and resolve it for you. I was told you declined this, even when it was offered in a quick and timely manner. From what I was told the reason why you declined this was because you wanted compensation.

-- I will NOT absolve Dell from any liability in a situation that Dell created. I realize the pressure to sell PCs exists but for Dell to allow unknown persons to order (and receive) product from Dell in an account under my name is intolerable. I was busy minding my own business when Dell created this situation, with no verification from me. I did (and do) not have any free time that I'm willing to donate to Dell, no matter which name they're going to use today.
I also have been told that according to DFS records, the police department you filed this issue with also contacted Dell Financial Services and was provided all information requested as stipulated in the subpoena.

-- Since 'I' was the victim of the fraud perpetrated the "I" should have been notified of the investigation of this case, not an outside agency. All information should have been forwarded to me, the victim. Have any arrests been made in this case? Dell has the address and a signature of the person who received these items. That person was not me nor was it any person that I know.
I would recommend you fill out that Fraud Report so Dell Financial Services can clear this matter up for you. The longer you delay, the longer this matter will continue.

-- If you are an attorney, you are not my attorney; your advice is for me to do something that would be beneficial to Dell. My talks with people in the legal profession have advised me to take actions which are beneficial to me. I have put Dell Financial on notice to 'do not call', hopefully this will take effect or 'both' Dells will pay dearly for each call made to me by any Dell Financial employee (or independent contractor) who is harassing me to pay for items I neither ordered nor received.
There is nothing Dell can do to remedy this, and Dell does not and will not compensate for this issue.

-- Please ... there is plenty that Dell could do to remedy this. What you are saying is that Dell does not choose to do anything to remedy this. Just because someone at Dell says that something is so may work for Dell employees or for people living under your jurisdiction. I live in New York State ... we have some different rules under which Dell's fiats are not considered absolute.
I was told by DFS that they are still waiting for you to submit the documents they have requested. Any further contact on this case must be taken up with Dell Financial Services.
Robert Xxxxx
Dell Executive Support*
From: Daniel
Sent: Thursday, January 06, 2005 10:56 AM
To:Xxxxx, Robert
Subject: Re: Your email from JANUARY 5, 2005


I never had an order number as I never ordered the items. I filled out a sworn statement at a local Police Department but your fraud unit insists that I fill out THEIR fraud report; I will not absolve Dell of all responsibility since Dell allowed a person unknown to me to open a preferred account using my credit info but then had items shipped to an address in a different state.

I would appreciate being kept up to speed on this; no other person at Dell has EVER answered a single question that I've asked.

Thank You,
Daniel Xxxxxxxxxx

On Jan 6, 2005, at 10:57 AM, <> wrote:

Dear Mr Xxxxxxxxxx,

I am writing on behalf of Michael Dell's office in reference to your email of JANUARY 5, 2005.* We appreciate your desire to have your concerns addressed to your satisfaction.

I would like the opportunity to research your case's history and help resolve your issue.* Please respond with your order number and a contact phone number that I or someone from Dell may reach you at during business hours.* I look forward to assisting you.


Robert Xxxxx
Executive Support

I filed police reports in a timely manner and dell reluctantly cooperated with those police agencies, but they are still insisting that I fill out THEIR affidavit (which specifically absolves dell from any wrongdoing in this case).

Feel free to link this to any other sites, Maccentric or not. I intend to let as many people know about dell's BS as I can.

TY for reading this.


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Banging the Bottom End
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2005-01-07, 19:32

Get. An. Attorney.

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