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Calibrating external displays

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Calibrating external displays
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M AH - ch ain saw
Join Date: May 2004
2019-05-12, 11:08

Hi guys,

I have two external displays for my MBP; an LG 27UK850, and 27UK650. They are seemingly the same panel, or so I was led to believe based on the listings at B&H, but they have vastly different color reproduction (out of the box). Regardless of the reason, it's driving me crazy.

I don't know anything about calibrating displays, but I need to make them look as closely to each other as possible. Does anyone have any suggestions? What can I do? There has to be creative professionals here who have dealt with this before... HelP!

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2019-05-12, 14:19

Looks like the displays are exactly the same, but the 850 has additional "Super Resolution+" & "True Color Pro" LG software.

I'd start by trying 1 or 2 things. Either remove/disable the True Color software on the 850 and punch in some numbers manually on both monitors (something like this). Or see if you might be able to install the True Color software for both monitors. I have more faith in the first idea, but you never know.

If those fail you may need some sort of hardware solution.

So it goes.
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2019-05-12, 14:25

Funny you mention this because I have the same issue going on with 2 Acer monitors. Same exact models but I bought them about 2 years apart and they have completely different color profiles even though the settings are seemingly the same.

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M AH - ch ain saw
Join Date: May 2004
2019-05-12, 15:54

Thanks for the quick tips.

Yeah, it feels like a hardware solution is going to be necessary. When I match up the settings there's a noticeable difference - although I can't put my finger on whether its temperature, or which of the colors.

The TrueColor software seems to only like the monitor with USB C, at least it doesn't recognize the other monitor when it's connected by DP.

Hopefully I can get my hands on a hardware calibrator, without it being wildly expensive. Maybe my library has one. *shrugs*

User formally known as Sh0eWax
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2019-05-12, 23:52

I know its dumb and you probably checked this already, but double check you are using the same color profile for each monitor. If you created a custom profile it may only be applied to one screen.

I've also had an issue where some color profiles looked like they were applied twice on the same screen. (Its the best I can describe that situation. Calibrating made it look great, but next restart made it worse) Messing with colorsync profiles sort of pooched my calibration for a while. Repairing permissions and running onyx seemed to help that machine.

Took me longer then I like to admit to find that issue.

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M AH - ch ain saw
Join Date: May 2004
2019-05-13, 13:04

Hmmm. I have noticed some weirdness with Night Shift working on one display and not the other, then replugging them fixes it.

I thought we no longer worried about permissions anymore? I’ve also never heard of Onyx, does anyone else use it?
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