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Lord of the Rant.
Formerly turtle2472
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Location: Upstate South Carolina
2020-12-21, 13:39

Rather than continuing to talk about this in the broader Apple Services thread I wanted to break this out so we could discuss it specifically.

If you aren't familiar with it from the other thread or haven't seen any notices about it you can read more about it specifically on Apple's site.

Currently I'm trying it out as part of a free for three months promotion. Mrs T and I started our trial a few days ago and so far we are really enjoying it. She's done Dance workouts and I've done HIIT.

Logistically it is nice to see my rings on the screen and know when I've hit my goal. There is even a "burn bar" that shows where you are individually compared to others doing the workout. Not sure where the "others" come from, but I'm guessing it is aggregated and not "live".

I've never paid for a workout video solution of any kind, but it is really cool how this integrates with the Watch so well. We have Apple TVs on each TV so we have options for where we workout. Some rooms are better than others for certain workouts as you could imagine.

I also noticed the Apple TV needs to be able to upgrade to tvOS 14.3 so my older Apple TV won't work. I can either use my phone/iPad or buy another Apple TV. Not a big deal, but another $150-$200 depending on what you get or the deal you get on it.

The fact that it doesn't require specific equipment with a few exceptions is really nice. I have a treadmill but haven't tried the treadmill workout with them yet. I have a normal Peak Intervals that I do a couple of times a week already so I'm not really in a rush to change that... plus it is where I get to watch my DuckTales episodes! There is a rowing workout that needs a rower as you might imagine and the strength workout expects you to have "medium" weights, whatever that means to you and your current condition.

I can see this being great for changing up content and actual workout routines so you don't get bored. Then again, I've been doing the exact same workout now for over two years and only increased the weight and time (planks, wall seat..etc.). So if you don't need a new routine to keep you interested then that won't matter much.

The variation is actually really nice though. I am of the rock persuasion where Mrs T is the opposite. We can each train with our genre of choice. This has been pretty cool.

At this point I'm fairly confident that I'll be paying for this as an ongoing thing. Likely annually since it is cheaper and I'm not planning to buy into Apple One.

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