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MC: MC 1.5 or New Tekkit?

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MC: MC 1.5 or New Tekkit?
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Join Date: May 2004
Location: Purgatory
2013-01-24, 16:59

I love Tekkit. I love the /8th blocks, love emerald, ruby and sapphire blocks, love the new ores, love the ability to create just about anything. Don't love the short curve. It takes only a handful of days to start making everything with machines, imo.

Plus, where the hell is everyone? I feel like when we get to a point in Tekkit where we can create *anything* ... well, it becomes boring, and we create nothing at all.

I know there's a new Tekkit kit coming up, and around the same time there's a new MC release.

So... being one of the biggest advocates for Tekkit and all its wonderful blocks and toys, I'd like to submit my preference for whatever eventual new world we have to be plain ol' MC. NO magic. NO op loot giving. NO anything not in "vanilla" MC. Just start a new world. Everyone go for your life (literally ).

I was reading the first MC thread from a couple of years (!) ago and was reminded of how much fun that all was. I want that again. I want constant death, *woots* when a single block of diamond is found, a tight community built around spawn, eventual skywalks, etc. And most of all a crew helping each other out - for building or when things get rough in caves .

It's a little ways off for either, so I thought I'd put this up here for people to put in their 2¢.

So it goes.
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Join Date: Feb 2005
Location: Whitby
2013-01-24, 17:32

Also, they've added a bunch of stuff to vanilla since we last played it. I agree.
Formerly Roboman, still
Join Date: Jul 2004
Location: Portland, OR
2013-01-24, 17:44

I am trying to get back into MC but the download keeps corrupting for some reason
Join Date: May 2004
Location: Purgatory
2013-01-24, 17:53

If you're trying to get into the current world you'll need to download the Tekkit Launcher. The normal MC Launcher doesn't work.
Join Date: May 2004
Location: Atlanta
2013-01-24, 18:42

I like it.

Grey did you read my other thread?

The one about building an adventure for the guys to turn into a magnificent web video?

If not look for it.

Brad said that he had an opinion, but wanted to hear from everybody else first.


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2013-01-24, 18:50

I've just had no free time to devote myself to any game projects. Hopefully in the next 2 months I finish a major project around the house that will free up a boatload of time. Plus I am canceling cable, so that distraction goes away.

Truth be told the only thing I liked about Tekkit was the new materials and the volcanoes. I can live without if we went back to vanilla. If we do go back to vanilla the only thing I ask is to get the resources I've stockpiled in three worlds (Terranova, Cactuar, and the pre-Tekkit current world) via portals, plug-ins, whatever.

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2013-01-24, 20:46

I've been on, but during awful hours. Been trying to do some Nether scouring on my terribad connection. I'm up for vanilla 1.5, Tekkit Lite, or possibly Feed The Beast. FTB is a little different due to the different packs available, but it has seasonal trees!

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2013-01-24, 22:13

My vote is in for Vanilla or Bukkit MC. I just never connected to Tekkit though I do now like some features.
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