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compatability issues between PC Word & Mac Word

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compatability issues between PC Word & Mac Word
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New Member
Join Date: Mar 2005
2005-06-08, 23:59

hey, i'm running office 2004 on my powerbook and i've had compatability issues up the wazoo. i save my MS Word document, and when i open it up on a windows machine, a lot of the formatting (i.e. borders) are completely off. any ideas? thanks guys.
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2005-06-09, 00:13

What version number of Windows office are you using? For example I know that on either platform any time you have a sizeable difference between version numbers you have these problems. If you're using Office 2003 then it has to be something else.

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2005-06-09, 01:37

You should run a compatibility report as you save, to confirm compatibility Word 1997 through 2004 cross platform. It isn't flawless though, I have occasional issues on Powerpoint even after a clean compatibility check.
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2005-06-09, 02:02

Are both machines set to the same default paper size and margins?

If one is A4 and one is USLetter with margins set from the edges, you might notice differences.
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2005-06-09, 02:30

Very interesting (or sad )!! I had a dream about this issue last night. I am about to buy my first Mac and word processing is one of the things that I would like to use it for. Apple says there's no problem creating Word docs on one platform and opening on the other - although I've heard otherwise.

Last night for example, I was extolling all of the virtues of Macs to my sister (who is no friend of PCs, Windows or Word) who works for a state government. She told me that one of her subcontractors sends her docs created in Word on a Mac which she is unable read/print when she opens it on her PC due to formatting issues. She always has to ask her to cut and paste the contents of the doc into the body of the email.

Sounds annoying at best. What if one wants to create a cover letter and resume for a job? Not much of a first impression if the docs open with f'd up formatting.

Does anyone has good advice/tips, links to articles or threads on this issue?

What if both users are using Word/Office 2004? Is it an absolutely 100% clean compatibility or are there always small formatting glitches?

Any information - the good the bad and the ugly - is appreciated.


Edit: found a helpful link -

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2005-06-09, 02:35

don't use the TAB key to indent, set margins instead. I've seen this jumble up formatting on many a word document.
New Member
Join Date: Feb 2005
2005-06-19, 14:35

Whew! I have never had a problem with Office X or Office 2004. I have received and sent documents with a number of PC's and no one has yet complained. Seems to work just fine.
rams it
Join Date: Oct 2004
Location: Seattle
2005-06-19, 15:06

Originally Posted by cwiens
Whew! I have never had a problem with Office X or Office 2004. I have received and sent documents with a number of PC's and no one has yet complained. Seems to work just fine.
Me too. I'm not exactly a power user, but I've never had any problems. Occasionally, I'll set a font that's not available in Windows, but Windows will just open it in Times New Roman, no big deal.
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