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Big help need it

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Big help need it
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Join Date: Jul 2005
2006-10-21, 20:03

Hi, I'm trying to install a bigger Boot Camp partition in my HD (OSX 10.4.8), but when trying, a message that my HD needs repair with Disk Utility appears, I run Disk Utility, but it stops with this error message:

The underlying task reported failure on exit. First Aid failed.

And I cannot run Disk Utility anymore, what should I do? I tried reinstalling the software, but it says it can't, that there were an error during installation too.

I'll appreciate your help guys.

Join Date: Jan 2006
2006-10-21, 20:17

Try running disk utility from the OS X install dvd. Boot the computer with the disc in it and hold the C button-- but I think the install disc opens automatically...
Join Date: Jul 2005
2006-10-21, 20:51

Thanks Glad, but theres where it appears the second error, I canĀ“t reinstall from the DVD.
Join Date: Jul 2005
2006-10-22, 03:25

Any recomendation?
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Location: Minnesota
2006-10-22, 04:03

Perhaps I'm misreading the posts above, but I think GladToBeHere is referring to starting Disk Utility from the installation disc, not the hard drive--in other words, don't use the Disk Utility that is installed on your hard drive to inspect the hard drive.

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2006-10-22, 04:05

If you look in the FAQ thread at the top of this forum, there are details in there on how to boot into single user mode and run fsck from there. Should have a better chance of fixing problems, and you don't need to boot off the install disk to do it.

To repair your primary "bootable" system hard drive, you must boot into single-user mode (hold the apple and 's' keys while rebooting). At the command prompt, enter the command:

/sbin/fsck -fy

This will force FSCK (FileSystem ChecK) to run and automatically repair any errors it encounters. When completed, if you see the message that your filesystem was modified, run the command again. Repeat until you receive a message that says your volume "appears to be OK." When complete, enter the command:


As an alternative to using the commands in single-user mode (ie. for the terminal-phobic), you can reboot from your Mac OS X Install CD/DVD and choose Disk Utility from the Installer menu. Then, you can use the earlier instructions to repair any hard drive including your system's boot drive.

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