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Location: Atlanta
2011-04-30, 18:05

I'm not sure how many people have heard of Abandonia, but for those who haven't heard of it or have forgotten, it has a lot of old DOS games that are considered abandonware and are free to download.

I have found several old favorites of mine like the Quest for Glory series and Conquests of the Longbow. Give it a look and see if you find anything you like.

And be sure to get DOSBox as well if you find any games you like.

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Formerly Roboman, still
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2011-04-30, 18:54

I hope I'm not the only person who clicked this thread assuming it's relating to abandoned structures on our Minecraftia server.

Also, Foj, if/when PSN ever goes up again I have a different PSN ID now. I've standardized my username across XBL/PSN/MC/&c. I think you're the only AN person who PSN-friended me, so.

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