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Russian Nuclear Test Site Explosion

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Russian Nuclear Test Site Explosion
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2019-08-13, 20:59

Well, glad to see they're being completely honest and transparent about things now, unlike in 1986...

The still-mysterious episode last week killed seven people and released radiation, apparently when a small nuclear reactor malfunctioned during a test of a novel type of missile near a naval weapons testing site.

Russian officials have released a flurry of misleading or incomplete statements playing down the severity of the accident, which the military first reported on Thursday as a fire involving a liquid-fueled rocket engine. It was not until Sunday that Russian scientists conceded that a reactor had released radiation during a test on an offshore platform in the White Sea.
Good job guys, you blew up a mini-reactor on an ocean platform.

Officials have insisted radiation levels are not elevated and that the displacement of the population of the village, home to about 450 people, should not be called an evacuation, a word redolent of disaster.

“There is no evacuation,” the governor of the Arkhangelsk region, Igor Orlov, told the Interfax news agency Tuesday. “That is complete nonsense.”
1986 called, they want their cover story back.

Russian statements about the intensity of the radiation release have been contradictory. Scientists with the Russian Federal Nuclear Agency said on Sunday that radiation levels had climbed briefly to twice the background level in Severodvinsk, about 25 miles from the test site.

But on Tuesday, Russia’s national meteorological agency reported radiation had risen last week to 16 times the norm in that city. No reports indicated the level in Nenoksa, located on the edge of the test range.
16 times background, 25 miles away? Oof.

A regional news site, Northern News, reported that doctors at a civilian hospital in Arkhangelsk, the largest city in the region, who first treated victims of the accident, had not been informed of radiation danger.

After treating the patients, the doctors at the Arkhangelsk Regional Clinical Hospital found that their scrubs were causing radiation meters to click, the site reported.

The patients were taken to Moscow and the rooms where they had lain were sealed. Then, the report said, the doctors were also transferred to the capital for medical evaluations.
Well that sounds really damn familiar.

Sheesh, they just don't learn do they? All the useful data and source material is coming from non-Russian agencies. Oh, and there might be a small nuclear reactor in the White Sea since apparently all 7 fatalities and the reactor itself were blown off the platform.

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2019-08-14, 07:34

3.6 Roentgen. Not great. Not terrible.
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2019-08-14, 11:16

And here I was bummed that there wouldn't be a second season.
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