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Apple Fails & Frustrates Drew

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Apple Fails & Frustrates Drew
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Join Date: May 2004
Location: Atlanta
2019-10-05, 17:17

This is about Apple's repair service (which is kind of a product).

I've been on the phone with Apple for more than an hour to wrap up what I imagined would be a 10 minute call.

Short story:

Drew gives in and buys AirPods at local Apple Store.
Drew loses right AirPod just a few days later.
Drew is an idiot.
Drew goes to Apple's website and orders replacement right AirPod.
Apple sends a case number and later a shipping notice.
AirPod doesn't arrive the day it's supposed to.
Drew calls FedEx to ask where the shipment is.
FedEx tells Drew it was entered into their system but they never received it.
Drew calls Apple to say "What up, yo?"
Apple support lady makes Drew buy 2nd replacement AirPod.
Says he will get refund.
Drew receives 2nd replacement AirPod several days later.
Jams out.
Today Drew checks his credit card statement.

The financial amount involved is "only" about $75, but it's not an insignificant amount to me.

People on the phone have been nothing but polite.


Trying to figure out why this is so complicated.

I have started forming fantasies about my call cracking a huge Apple theft ring.


I am now gun-shy Apple support.


Steve Jobs ate my cat's watermelon.
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Join Date: Aug 2004
Location: Boyzeee
2019-10-06, 20:55


Apple is too big and getting bloated in a number of areas. Next time, go to an Apple Premier Partner. Might take a little longer, but generally things work out better.


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