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"Lifeboating" sister's photos from her iPod to my PowerBook...

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"Lifeboating" sister's photos from her iPod to my PowerBook...
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Mr. Farmiga
Join Date: May 2004
2008-02-06, 00:39

My sister's computer just bit it, losing, oh, pretty much everything. She freaked. But she's got all her photos on her iPod (which she's not about to connect to her's not even working, and if it somehow zapped the iPod, she's out all those pics).

Aside from the cruel "back up" lesson she's learned, how can I best help her right now, in terms of getting her Windows-formatted iPod connected to my PowerBook to safely copy all those photos and other things over, where I can burn her a CD, as well as keep the photos here for her until she gets a new computer or whatever.

1. I don't want anything that's going to mess up my iTunes library or syncing, first and foremost

2. I don't want something that's going to zap all the stuff on her iPod the minute I connect it to my machine and it tries to sync/match itself to my iTunes library and sync settings (she'll officially freak-out and I'll never be forgiven).

I know there are several iPod transfer apps out there, PC and Mac. But in my unique situation above, what do you guys recommend?

Again, it'll be a Windows-formatted iPod with a ton of sentimental (kids and all) photos on it. The music isn't nearly as important, but if I could rescue that too, that would be nice. Ideally I want something that will let me connect the thing to my PowerBook and then ask me to copy over the contents of the iPod safely to my PowerBook, without it all spilling into my iTunes and iPhoto library necessarily...would a new, separate user account be good for this sort of thing?

But she's got these photos in only one place now - her iPod - which is just asking for it...if she loses it, has it stolen or if it fails (and iPod hard drives can), she's toast. I'd like to get those photos onto my PowerBook (and a CD as well, to give to her), so if something happens to her iPod while she's computer-less, at least she's covered.

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2008-02-06, 08:11

I think photos copied to iPods are not copies of the original; they are scaled down for the iPod's screen that would look awful copied back to a computer. That was certainly the case for my 1st gen iPod Nano. They look better on my iPod Touch, but I'm still almost certain that they've been scaled down for the screen.

*checks google*

Yup. I was right.

In regard to photos it’s worth reminding you that you won’t get the full-sized images that once consumed vast sectors of your old Mac’s hard drive. Instead you’ll have the versions of your pictures that iTunes scaled down to work with the iPod.
That linked article tells you how to do what you want to achieve actually. It's aimed at the touch, but I'd imagine it'd work the same for other iPods.

In any case, she's lost the originals of all her photos. (Unless of course she copied the files through the finder rather than using iTunes, but then again, if she had done that, it'd be a simple case of copying them back off again.)
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