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2019-08-22, 14:57

(Season 3 of Daredevil was way better than season 2. Possibly even better than 1, but definitely up there. Some weak spots like maybe too much of a focus on Ray, but… solid.

JJ seasons 2 and 3 weren't… as great as 1.)
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2019-08-22, 18:29

I thought the first half of season 3 of DD was a drag. It ended strong, though. Still haven't seen JJ season 2 or 3. We liked season 1 so we'll watch it eventually.

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2019-08-23, 08:45

You know, I was thinking about this and there other Marvel shows killed by Netflix. I really enjoyed almost all of them for the first season or so. I just haven't stopped to watch more. I'm missed the last season of all of them at this point. I plan to watch them, just haven't dedicated the time in my day to do it yet.

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