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iPhone experienced: has iPhone changed your iPod / phone / surfing habits? How?

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iPhone experienced: has iPhone changed your iPod / phone / surfing habits? How?
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Veteran Member
Join Date: Mar 2005
Location: Amsterdam
2007-07-12, 07:02

I've been curious about this for months, and it seems like the time has arrived to ask this to everyone having owned an iPhone for some weeks now:
what happens to your podding, phoning, and surfing habits when you have an iPhone?

Are you surfing, listening to music, or calling more? Are you using Google Maps now while you would formerly have stopped by a public city map? Do you indeed make calls out of Google Maps? Do you often pause music to pick up a phone? Mail photos you just made with your phone more than you did?

It may look like this question belongs in the initial experiences thread, but I deliberately didn't ask it there, because I'm wondering about the non-initial experiences, but the way daily life changes.

Also, I'd like not to know more about the phone, but about the way it's being used.

Thanks already for your answers!
Banging the Bottom End
Join Date: Jun 2004
2007-07-12, 10:35

I surf everywhere now. This was one of my main reasons to get this phone. I have to drive my 2 year old on the weekends in order to get him to take a nap. So while I'm sitting in the park waiting for him to wake up I can now surf away on my iPhone. I also check out the morning news sitting on the bus on the way to work while listening to tunes. I'll even use it at home when I don't feel like sitting at the computer station and feel too lazy to grab / boot up my MacBook. It's my Internet crack dispenser. I'm wondering just how "unlimited" the unlimited data plan is. I've had my iPhone for 13 days now and my data usage is 8MB up and 61MB down.

Since I was already carrying a bulky phone and a bulky 2nd gen iPod, getting the iPhone allowed me to slim down the weight in my pockets. Sure, I don't have as much space as my 20GB iPod so the downside is I'll have to sync much more often to rotate music through my iPhone. On the plus side, I'll be able to get reacquainted with all of my music because I'll have to delete some of my regularly listened to music to make space for different stuff. My 20GB iPod didn't hold all my music either, but for some reason it seemed more painful to try and rearrange music on it.

I cannot see myself using email on my iPhone in its current state. No rules, no spam filter, painful steps to delete more than a handful of emails = no go for me. I'm lucky I can log in through my ISP's website in Safari on the iPhone if I really need to check an email. This way I can ignore the hundreds of Cocoa & Obj-C mailing list emails as well as all my messageboard emails which get ferried away into proper folders on my home computer. Having to traverse all of that in a single folder, then having to delete one by one (twice!!!) would drive me crazy. So while I could see using this feature IF I could customize which emails were pulled down to my phone, until some serious updates get pushed out I'm not going to even bother.

I use both the stock and weather widgets but both of these widgets need beefing up, IMO. For example, if you want to reorder the weather forecasts, you can't move them around. You have to delete, then reenter each location you want a weather forecast in the order you'd like them to be in. This is silly, and should be remedied.

With the stock widget I have the same lack of reordering problem as the weather widget. I'd also like to be able to break stock info into separate portfolios and flip through them like I do with weather forecasts on the weather widget. For stocks I actually own, I'd like the ability to punch in my buy price so I could see gain/(loss) based on current price. This would make the stock widget much more handy for me. I do use it to check prices, but if I need to check gain/(loss) info, it's back to Safari to log into a site that has this information.

I like the built-in camera. Obviously the picture quality can't compare to my Canon 300D, but the Canon is nowhere near as portable and instantly available as my iPhone is. So for those quick and silly shots, or snapping someone's picture to add to their contact info on my phone, the camera works great. If I want great shots then I'll drag out the Rebel.

I barely use my cell phone for voice calls, and then 99.44% of my calls were to wifey of the "I'm on my way variety" or "What did you need again?" so the visual voice mail and all that other phone-related hoohaa didn't matter to me.

Anyway, this is how I'm using my iPhone so far. I'm really digging it, but also feeling the limitations of a 1.0 release. Still I believe Apple will improve the iPhone over time, and some of my concerns will be addressed.
Senior Member
Join Date: Oct 2005
2007-07-12, 11:39

I'm amazed at how often I find myself in google maps, for directions, traffic, and looking up local shops.

I'm slightly hard of hearing and because of that I would never return calls while on lunch in NYC, how with the headset I can hear much better so I find I get back to calls much faster.

And haapy to say that for once I am totally caught up on my gmail account.
Join Date: Jul 2006
2007-07-12, 20:02

Originally Posted by bassplayinMacFiend View Post

I cannot see myself using email on my iPhone in its current state. No rules, no spam filter, painful steps to delete more than a handful of emails = no go for me.
You know about the slide-delete function where you drag across an email in the list and tap the delete button that appears, right? I have been loath to sync my gmail because I've heard it fills your inbox so I understand what you mean, but seriously...deleting a list of emails is like, <slide>delete, <slide>delete, <slide>delete...and goes pretty fast.

I've been appreciating the form factor a lot. Curved rectangle doesn't seem like much thought went into it, but my hands just naturally find these positions where it's balanced on my fingertips like a crystal ball in Labyrinth. I think the weight of the device makes this possible.

I also like the external speaker. It's nice to have it just sitting on the desk like a transistor radio. I love how the ipod works independently of the sleep function, so you can essentially just leave a podcast go in the background and when it's done (if it's not on a playlist) the thing just goes to bed. When it's in my pocket I can easily find the sleep button without looking, then resume where I paused by clicking the headphones.
I am worthless beyond hope.
Join Date: May 2006
2007-07-12, 20:47

I hate that there's no junk mail filter as well, but the slide/delete function works so well, it's really only a minor annoyance at this point.
Veteran Member
Join Date: Jun 2006
Location: Florida
2007-07-12, 21:54

For me, the iPhone replaced my cell phone and added basic computer functionality (internet, email, iCal, my iPhoto library, etc) and the ability to take quick, quality on-the-spot pictures.

I find myself surfing and checking my email more then I ever had. I started surfing on my prior phone (a 3G Samsung with a "mobile" browser) but the iPhone's Safari has taken me to the next level. Around the house, sitting in traffic, even today at work when our network was down. I'm constantly connected now (which has it's own cons I guess, but that's for Robo's thread). The no junk mail setting doesn't bother me because the only email I use on my phone is .Mac email, which I have never received a spam mail in.

As others have said, I find myself using the Google maps for all kinds of things I never would have before. I found food and gas while on vacation for the 4th, not to mention my directions to the beach house. And just yesterday I used it to find all the 7-Elevens in town for free Slurpees.

One thing I find that I use that I'm surprised I do is the notes feature. At work I would typically send myself an email reminder for when I get home, but now I just jot a note out and it works a lot better considering it's constantly with me.

I still use my iPod on a regular basis, but I only ever used it in the car.

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Veteran Member
Join Date: Mar 2005
Location: Amsterdam
2007-07-15, 05:43

Great readings! Interesting how important the web connection indeed turns out to be when you have an iPhone.
Join Date: Feb 2007
2007-07-15, 06:42

Originally Posted by apple007 View Post
I hate that there's no junk mail filter as well, but the slide/delete function works so well, it's really only a minor annoyance at this point.
I see this all the time, but I really think it depends on what email service you use. I use AOL free email. I have 2 account with them. AOL filters my junk mail into SPAM folders and thats where it goes on my iPhone too. I have my regular email that I can check, and that is what shows up on my phone email count, or I can check my SPAM folder and delete everything if I want.

I also have no problems with deleted mail from my phone being deleted elsewhere. Where ever I delete the mail (phone or computer) it is automatically deleted from the other place too. That's another complaint I've seen on forums. But I do agree, it needs a mass delete function at some point.

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