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Star Trek: Picard

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Star Trek: Picard
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2020-01-26, 07:42

Ep 1 spoilers ahead.

Only one episode thus far so who knows what the rest will bring. But, I probably like it more than Discovery so far. Maybe in part nostalgia?

The interview seemed a bit implausible. Maybe the writing there could’ve been better. The dog’s name is a cute reference. Data only being a distant memory from the past (at least so far) makes sense; I was worried from the trailers that this would be too much of a “let’s replay the greatest hits in fan service” thing.

The rough Starfleet premise also makes sense, not to mention being relevant to our times. Dropping Maddox is also smart. If people don’t know who he is, that’s fine. And if they do, that’s cool. The details I’m not so sure about. You suddenly have this massive android program (that wasn’t even hinted at in Nemesis) soon after Nemesis? And then you also shut it down when it fails?

Using an old Borg cube as a sanctuary for Romulans is… interesting. This is a wild new world and I’d love to explore it.

In the past, I had defended that there isn’t any Trek post-Nemesis because frankly, they had messed it all up. DS9 killed off the Dominion as a threat, in terrific storytelling. Voyager was full of dei ex machina and killed off the Borg in… sometimes-good, sometimes-mediocre storytelling. Nemesis got rid of the Romulans before ever really showing them. The late 24th century just honestly didn’t seem compelling to me. OTOH, the days before TOS? Sure. Plenty of stories to tell. How did Starfleet really happen? Instead, Enterprise gets us in the… Temporal Cold War. What. It had some hints like Terra Prime, but it never really had a good answer to “why does this series exist?”

Well, Picard has a few. And it has, at least in the pilot, the right pacing to go with it: when Jean-Luc has lost his meaning in life, stuff moves slowly. And as he figures out what job he has to do, it picks up.

The Dahj character seems a bit much, though.

(Is she a callback to Lal?)
Mr. Farmiga
Join Date: May 2004
2020-01-28, 08:19

As is often (usually?) the case, the Red Letter Media guys nicely analyze this stuff, simply laying it out, pointing out any missing clothes and poking holes where holes need poking.

More than any other “review nerds on YouTube”,they use direct video evidence and the words/actions of those involved to make their overall case that many (if not most) modern franchise movies and genre TV shows are incoherent, trying-too-hard unasked-for horseshit made for all the wrong reasons and relying 92% on fan-service/nostalgia to carry the load (which always - always - wears off, and loses its allure way quicker than the creators ever seem to realize).

But I’m not a Trek guy, so YMMV.
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