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Apple Customer Services
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Paul Emery
2005-04-04, 21:01

Hi, I recently suffered what can only be described as a debacle at the hands of apple customer services in ireland- taking three months to sort out a broken ipod after they sent me two faulty replacements, before finally offering a full refund after a hefty amount of time onto their customer services.

I was wondering if anyone knew of how i could get hold of someone relatviely high up in the apple structure, or someone who will listen to my grievances and take them seriously as this has been a somewhat traumatic affair! Or just a viable complaints department, as their 'feedback' section of their websites seems to overlook this rather vital requirement!

if desired I will quite happily post you a running order of the problems - although it will take a fair while to read!

Selfish Heathen
Join Date: May 2004
Location: Zone of Pain
2005-04-04, 21:11

As I understand, a few people here have had success simply asking (or demanding) to speak to a manager or supervisor or other higher-up when on the phone with the support drones. Generally that gets the issue resolved quicker too.

Sorry to hear that they gave you a run-around with your iPod.

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