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Norton Systemworks 2004 keeps restarting my computer

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Norton Systemworks 2004 keeps restarting my computer
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2005-08-24, 14:07


I have Installed Norton Systemworks 2004 and everytime I get to the welcome screen everything seems find, but the second I load my profile it restarts. I tried to go into safe mode to uninstall the program but it says that the program can only be uninstalled in normal mode. I also tried to stop it from starting on its own at login by doing the 'run>msconfig' and it still has a problem.

i'm stuck, please help

edit: this is happening on my mom's PC

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2005-08-24, 14:15

This brings back bad memories for me. This same thing happened to me a few years back. As a last resort I tried following Nortons instructions to remove the program manually. And of course it didnt work and destroyed my system.

So dont do that unless you absolutely know what you are doing.

Can you disable the program in safe mode? If not try going to Nortons site for help. And to alleviate future problems with Norton, dont install Norton.
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2005-08-24, 14:43

Norton has taking quite a bashing over the last few days, and I just wanna pipe up and say its not all bad.

Norton Anti-Virus (on my PC) has served me well since version 2002. No problems, just quietly does what its supposed to.

However, all these "major" versions like system works, and internet security, etc are crap. Total overkill and system killers!

OK, I have given up keeping this sig up to date. Lets just say I'm the guy that installs every latest version as soon as its available!
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2005-08-24, 15:02

can you run regedit in safe mode?

I think you can, in which case:

go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE:SOFTWARE:Microsoft:Windows:Curr entVersion:Run and remove any and all traces of Norton or Symantec from there.

Do the same thing under HKEY_CURRENT_USER

That might get you back up and running.

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