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Castle Story

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Castle Story
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2012-08-13, 10:47

Think Minecraft/RTS mixed together.

They have a kickstarter going now, totally blew it out of the water. Got this video from them showing how the alpha is coming along, there are a few others out there as well.

Given how many people here like Minecraft, figured this might be right up your alley too.

This project so far is the only Kickstarter project I've contributed too, it's pretty sweet looking.

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2012-08-13, 16:37

Holy CRAP that looks like so much work!!

Which means that it's probably going to be a mega success

Selfish Heathen
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2012-08-13, 17:59

It looks a lot more like a Dwarf Fortress knockoff than a Minecraft knockoff. In DF, you designate mining zones, stockpiles, construction jobs, etc. and tell the dwarves do the work for you.

That said, I would love Dwarf Fortress with a better UI and visuals, and this looks like exactly that. Not bad!

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