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Will Time Machine work with Networked NAS Drives?

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Will Time Machine work with Networked NAS Drives?
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Join Date: Aug 2006
2007-10-21, 17:57

I have an Airport Base Station with a USB hard drive hooked up to it. Will time machine work with that or any other type of networked drive? I have seen references to using a USB or firewire drive but with many laptops being used these days that would be very inconvenient.
If it doens't work with networked drives is it possible to use it where yo only plug it in at night or so for it to update the data on the drive?
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2007-10-21, 19:31

Basically Time Machine will stop and start automatically if you unmount a drive or shutdown/sleep the computer.

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When your mobile Mac is connected to your backup drive, Time Machine works as you’d expect. When it isn’t connected, Time Machine also works as you’d expect. It keeps track of which files have changed since the last backup and backs them up to your backup drive the next time you connect. On any Mac, if Time Machine is unable to perform a backup, that’s duly noted in its preferences pane.
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2007-10-22, 15:24

To answer you question the Network Attached Storage (NAS) device would have to be compatible with Macintosh OS.
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2007-10-22, 16:41

Suh. Weet. This was my one big question about Time Machine.

*happy dance*

This means I can simply hook it up every night or so to the FW drive I have, and be on my merry way. Excellent.

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