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Small scale solar and batteries

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Small scale solar and batteries
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2022-12-05, 10:50

Yes I’ve been looking at one of those. They are about $80 here for the 2 amp version, which is likely what I will get.
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2022-12-31, 12:15

Originally Posted by drewprops
Quick side trip, if it doesn't intrude too much.

This week I realized that I could bring power to my garden shed using solar or wind. It's a tiny 1960s style corrugated aluminum skin affair, about a 6' by 9' footprint.

I do not anticipate using it extensively, so this will be an occasional use deal.

It's wired, but a line was never run out to it. There are pigtails hanging out of a pipe at the front top of the shed, intended to receive a line in, I believe.

As far as use goes, I'm thinking an internal LED work light for evenings. Perhaps several restaurant style string lights to run outside to illuminate a little seating area outside that I just thought up. I am winging it here.

So am I talking about a small marine battery of some sort, with a solar capture panel? What kind? Some kind of portable rechargeable Lithium Ion battery that I bring over from the house? A simple drop cord from the house?

I can't imagine the level of planning you're doing to run an entire home from this technology.
If all you want is some lighting then a simple kit would likely be more than fine. Like one linked to by Eco-Worthy above would do what you're after. The real question would be how many lights and for how long would you want to run them? A kit like that one (I'm not endorsing them at all and happen to like the Renogy brand better) would give you the solar panels for collections and conversion, the controller to charge the batteries and the inverter to power circuits that use 120VAC. If you go that route, I would recommend you use as many 12VDC lights as possible because it would be more efficient in the end and consume lesss power to light the shed and sitting area.

You could run an extension cord out to your shed and not worry about it, until you run it over with the mower. Of course, burring a dedicate line from the main breaker panel to the shed would be better.

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