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iTunes suggestions
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Apple Historian
Join Date: May 2004
2004-10-18, 15:26

Because the internet is on-demand, and iTunes is all about instant gratification, why not offer free 30 second previews of songs, before the CD with those songs are released.

Pre-release previews of songs would be a good way to build momentum for an album before it's actual release, and it might make some people load up their shopping carts with music that is yet to be released.

•Pre-release previews of albums and songs

•More album art (inside cover-art with lyrics -- obviously limited to more popular music)

•The option to download higher bit rates of music

•The eventual lowering of prices for 128 AAC to 79¢ per track

•Higher bit rate AAC for 99¢ and above

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Join Date: May 2004
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2004-10-18, 15:47

For the store
Search by Label, this would not only help indie labels have more identity, but it would help people find more stuff that they might enjoy.

Search by Sub genre, Sub Genres clutter lists and make organization a task, but, for searchable items they can help narrow the gap.

Searchable features, for instance, the motown feature iTunes did a while back, it was an excellent collection of great motown tunes, but after its been on the R&B homepage for a while, it disappears, instead of disappearing, they should be logged to a "features" button on the left hand column.

Expand on AMG styled information in artists/albums..etc, it's pretty good now, but it could be better, more links, more bios, more credits, heck, maybe apple should team up with AMG and just mirror their info.

For the player
native support for Ogg and FLAC
Ability to organize categories by priority, e.g.

First, iTunes sorts everything by year ascending or descending, then alphabetically by artist, then within the artists their albums are arranged alphabetically(or by year) then within that the song names alphabetically(or numerical)

Ability to quick label track numbers, e.g. Modifier button starts the sequence, subsequent clicks log tracks in order you click them, modifier button ends sequence, iTunes processes track numbers.

Ability to create playlists within playlists, or folders within playlist.

Ability to customize 3 primary browse tiers, instead of Genre Artist Album, granted, those 3 are pretty much the best, a little extra customization options never hurt anyone.

That's everything off the top of my head.
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2004-10-18, 16:21

Pre-release previews of songs would be a good way to build momentum for an album before it's actual release, and it might make some people load up their shopping carts with music that is yet to be released
Not a bad idea. Some labels wouldn't mind doing this while others would balk at it. It's a companies judgement call.

•More album art (inside cover-art with lyrics -- obviously limited to more popular music)
Lyrics would be cool but that would be dependent on the labels adding that information. Chances are added lyrics would be rare.

•The option to download higher bit rates of music
I don't even think it should be an option. I'd like to see VBR recording.

•The eventual lowering of prices for 128 AAC to 79¢ per track

•Higher bit rate AAC for 99¢ and above
NO! You do not build a business by whoring your product. $.99 is fine and even those on a Walmart budget can afford that. There's no reason to tier the songs in any way that just adds logistical problems where you don't need them. In seattle a gallon of gas is roughly $2.15 and I see people driving Hummers, Expeditions, Escalades etc which avg about 13 miles a gallon. People have the money to was on inefficient trucks so they damn sure have freakin $.99 for a damn song. If they don't think it's a good value then they don't have to buy the song.

Search by label is a great idea.

Multiple Libraries and Nested Playlists are another must have

A more efficient iMix. limit the iMixes to like 25 songs. I hate scrolling through 99 track iMixes. For chrissakes ...give me the cream.

Gapless playback

iTunes Linux

Longer Previews- for some songs 30 secs doesn't cut it

Partner with BMG and Columbia House to offer credits for purchasing the physical CD. Say I buy 4 Maroon 5 tracks from iTunes and decide I want the CD. Give me a %50 credit towards buying it from CH or BMG.

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2004-10-18, 16:28

I think one format, one bitrate, one price, is best for the iTMS, though an improved bitrate would be good. [edit] If you do have 2 tiers of downloads, make one Apple Lossless or something really worthwhile.

iTMS Audiobooks searching/browsing needs to be improved. It's hard to find anyhting that isn't featured or that doesn't have a famous author you remember.

More album art, the jewel case art, for an album avilable with your download. Not sure how to handle it since some people may not want all that due to either bandwidth restrictions or lack of hd space (format is also an issue I guess -- jpeg or tiff or other?)

user reviews of albums!

improved wish list abilities -- either make a user's page in the main pane with links to their iMixes and their wish list items or add the ability to place whole albums in a playlist like you can do with song previews now.

When Safari 2 in Tiger comes out, promote iTunes RSS feeds and options for them.

Easier navigation to videos, bios, soundtracks and such. Tie into some online merchandizer for band t-shirts and ties.

Better support for grouping. If I'm playing a classical playlist, it should be able to shuffle by group/work, not just album (which holds a bunch of works) or song (which don't make much sense out of order).

Some limited song download grouping? For example, buy a 4 minute song from an album, and allow the user to download a 45 second segue track with it. Don't count tracks less than 1 minute towards the song total (and thus claiming an album has 10 tracks for $9.90). Anyway, something should be done about those little tracks so people aren't getting ripped off - for what little they're getting ripped off for I suppose.
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2004-10-18, 17:06

lyrics would not require record company approval, they would require the publishing companies approval. (which in some cases may be the recording company, but most artists don't fall for that ruse anymore)
if you notice when lyrics are provided it's usually courtesy of the publishing company. which usually is owned by the artist, so it's "yeah stick the lyrics in there".

but i agree the only big obstacle left for me is providing the rudimentary information of the recording (at least) and extensive liner notes (at best).

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Join Date: May 2004
Location: Road Warrior
2004-10-18, 17:21

Oh yea, another thing I'd like to see more than 30 second clips for songs over 10 minutes, perhaps even more for tracks over 30 minutes and even more for tracks over an hour.
Join Date: Aug 2004
2004-10-19, 10:40

I'd like to be able to search by song/album release dates in the advanced search menu. It would help me track down older songs, where artist and/or track names have eluded me.
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