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Outlook 2011 Rules Don't Work

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Outlook 2011 Rules Don't Work
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Space Pirate
Join Date: May 2004
Location: Atlanta
2012-12-19, 17:55

Do any of you clowns use Outlook 2011?

I've been having a problem with the mail rules not working.

I can't even get the buggers to work with manual application, after the junk has landed in my inbox.

Yes, I've goobled it - but nobody has identified a real bug.

I just think they developers were quietly disposed of one afternoon by Microsoft, because they certainly aren't working on this app.

I'd get rid of it if I could, but it's far better than Mail (hate that dumbed-down interface).


Steve Jobs ate my cat's watermelon.
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Join Date: May 2004
Location: NSA Archives
2012-12-28, 23:03

I use it and for the most part have luck with rules like

"put mails from this address into this folder"

"Put anything identified as Spam directly in the Delete folder"


But it does fail certain tests and has for a couple versions at least back when it was Entourage.

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