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Hide and Seek (the movie -SPOILERS)

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Hide and Seek (the movie -SPOILERS)
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2005-01-29, 14:58

I just saw this movie today so if you haven't seen it yet, don't read! However, I'd like to save you money by telling you about this very predictable piece of monkey poop so that you wont want the 2 hours back.

What a joke! The trailer actually looked really good for this. I liked Dakota Fanning with black hair because she looked creepy.Elisabeth Shue (mmm Adventures in Babysitting) is hot, so is Famke Janssen. Plus, it has De Niro! It can't possibly suck huge amounts of crap, right? Wrong. Starts off interesting as De Niro's wife kills herself in the family bathtub(after a touching scene with Dakota saying "I love you more than anything")It was very predictable, used age old movie 'scare' tactics (scary violin music while opening closet door, OH NOES!!!!11 A CAT!!!! Lets move to a small town to reboot OH NOES!!!11!!22!!11 FREAKY NEIGHBORS!!) A friend of mine likes to say "paying attention is free" and if you pay any amount of attention, you'll have this movie figured out in about 30 minutes. Then, to add salt to the already festering wound of the 'twist' ending, when they finally reveal the sinister 'twist' there is still (what felt like, might have been shorter) about 15-20 minutes of time to 'wrap things up'. Ironically, the best acting (besides Dylan Baker doing yet another superb job in a supporting role - hopefully Raimi will have the Lizard in Spidey 3) is Dakota. De Niro seemed to be just coasting along. Elisabeth Shue's only job in this movie was to show us some boobies. The actions of Emily (Dakota's character) make absolutely ZERO sense since, SPOILER BELOW...

Her father (De Niro) is the killer. He's got split personalities! YEAH!!!!

I realize that she is just a kid who has gone through some traumatic shit, but Jumping-Jesus-on-a-Pogo-Stick, run away!, call the cops, do something! De Niro's character (as well as Ms. Janssen) are psychologists! And neither one of these saw this coming??!!?? SPOILER BELOW...

De Niro's character is a little more understandable as he is the CRAZY one.

So yeah, I hated it. Don't waste your money. I should have gone to see Elektra, at least if that is cheesy (which it looks to be over flowing with extra gouda) then I wont be disappointed!

I feel better now!
So, Anyone else here see it? What did you think?

Bah weep gra na weep ninni bong

Last edited by Milkman : 2005-01-29 at 14:59. Reason: Damn, I should learn to type!!
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