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How do I find a good programmer?

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How do I find a good programmer?
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2006-05-21, 16:01

I have an idea for a motorcycle maintenance program. There is one available for PC's only and it has a lot of the same basic features that I am thinking of but I have much more that I would want to add. Also I want to make it both Mac & PC compatiable along with blackberry and palm and be able to download from BB & Palm to update the computer program.
  • How do I know I am getting a good programmer?
  • What is the best code to write it with?
  • What is a fair price to pay for programmer services?
  • What about upgrades and fixing bugs?

Any help you could offer would be greatly appreciated.
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2006-05-22, 23:35

It depends on where you live. Around here...a fairly small area with a tight-knit group of programmers I see most commonly when a business needs a one-off solution that has no affiliation to any sort of technology business they will call whatever is in the phone-book, usually a local technology/web development company, most of them do hardware repairs primarily and one or two of the techs will know how to program. 95% of the time they are only efficient in Visual Basic with hobbiest level skills.

This is not true for everyone everywhere but it is something I see that is common.

If you can, try to make contact with someone that is friends with a lot of local developers.

As a programmer myself who primarily (and against my will) spends most of his work day writing in Visual Basic and C#.NET I jump on every oppuritunity I get to write my true love, Objective-C but if you want multi-platform and your project isn't graphics intensive...I'd say your best route is a web app. I rarely admit it but I think I do better work with web-based stuff anyway. I've written several massive programs driven my MSSQL, MYSQL, XML Web Services, C# or PHP.

My day job is actually working on a Diesel Maintenance program which is adaptable to any market but we've chosen diesel fuel-pump and injector repair shops as our focus.

I haven't answered very many of your questions but hopefully this has been helpful, actually to answer your questions in order:

1. The only way to know you have a good programmer is to see his progress. Procrastination is typical of programmers, unfortunatly it can cost money to find that out. So try to find that group of programmers local or over the web that have good word of mouth.

2. This will be a difference of opinion from person to person, but web-apps, be it using Microsoft .NET, or Apache+MySQL+PHP, Ruby on Rails, is probably the most seamless way to get to any platform

3. This is tough to answer, anywhere from $40 an hour to several thousand dollars to complete a feature-set. Contracted programmers aren't usually very cheap. You could outsource...

4. If you make an agreement to complete a featureset major bug fixes that effect functionality should be free, minor things, that you can work around but may not happen to work the way you like should be fixed cheaply. If you are paying to devop this you will likely own it though.

I am actually looking for some side projects to focus on, if you have questions PM me. I hope I answered your questions
2006-05-23, 17:18


Thanks for the GREAT info. Let me get my thoughts together and I'll try and get back to you.
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