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Apple's Hi Fi Problem - batteries not responding

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Apple's Hi Fi Problem - batteries not responding
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Join Date: Jul 2004
2009-09-08, 19:10

I own an Apple Wi-Fi, which I love. I realize they discontinued selling these sometime ago, however.

I have mine set up in my house with power coming thru the wall. Earlier this year, I went camping and I thought I'd bring this for music at the campsite, with batteries. It worked like a champ the whole time ( 2 days )

So, just this past Labor Day weekend, I was going to go camping again. I brought it out onto the picnic table, and nothing. I was pretty sure that the batteries must have been fried. So, off to the nearest town I went to get new batteries. Even before leaving the gas station, I put the new batteries in, and put my ipod into the top, and it played, so I was 'Whoo hoo!' - I went back to the campsite, put it on the table, and played the music. The music stopped after about 1 minute, for no reason. No banging on the table, or anything, it just stopped. So, we were puzzled. Took the batteries out, and put them back in and it started playing again. For 1 minute. Then it went off. I have no idea why. I thought maybe something was wrong with the batteries, so I tipped it at an angle thinking gravity would work with the batteries, if they weren't getting a connection, but that didn't work either.

I also noticed, that while using the remote ( for the minute that it worked ) that the light in the lower right would be green when adjusting the volume, or skipping to the next song ( which it does ) but then when the minute was coming to an end, I would press the remote, and I would get the burnt orange light, then, instead of the green one, and then no light at all after a few pushes of the remote, which now of course means it was getting no power. It was like it was fizzling out? I don't get it.

I brought it home, and have since hooked it back up to get power from the wall, and again, it works like a champ, but with batteries it will only play for a minute or so! there seems to be short, but I haven't got the slightest idea how to take the thing apart, mush less knowing what to do even if I did get it apart.

ANyways, any thoughts on the subject would be great.
Senior Member
Join Date: Dec 2005
2009-09-08, 20:42

Did you check the terminals for corrosion? Sometimes wiping them with vinegar, or even sand paper, can help revive a bad connection. Also, one bad battery can spoil the whole bunch...if you haven't already, try a whole new set of batteries. Hope this helps!
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