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It's Raining Zero Day Exploits

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It's Raining Zero Day Exploits
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2021-07-15, 06:22

According to this article on Ars, the number of zero day exploits is exploding, due in large part to "companies" selling them. It's one thing to have nations doing this as part of espionage programs, but now that it's an enterprise how are we safe?

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2021-07-15, 07:35

The net is unsafe by definition, trusting companies is like trusting Pandora’s box. Any entity that has profit as its primary focus will always look for the easiest way to get profit. That means two things, build the cheapest systems (security) possible. Weak points? Yeah, people designed it, there will be one. Insiders helping these people break the few better systems? You can bet on it, there’s always someone pissed at the corporation.
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2021-07-15, 09:00

The thing about zero-day exploits is that government and major institutions don't disclose them until they have already been caught using the exploit. Many have been in the wild for a long time just not disclosed or being kept close to the chest of the one to find it with the concept of later use.

The real concern is how will it effect you and will you have a backup if needed.

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