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Public Danger

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Public Danger
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Join Date: May 2004
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2020-05-24, 08:15

I'm working with a company to get a site up off the ground. Their dev team are offshore. The project lead is going to give me access to a sandbox version of the site so I can show it to the others via Zoom so we can review it. They asked me for my public address so they can give me access. Is there any danger for me in having given this to them?


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2020-05-24, 22:04

*Edit* Totally misread your post.

If you have a Dynamic IP, that may be an issue if they whitelist permission. Even if it doesn't change often, one power outage and you are locked out.

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2020-06-11, 12:21

The best way to accomplish this if you have a dynamic assigned IP from your ISP is to use a dynamic DNS service. Then you can give them a hostname to whitelist rather than the IP. If the backend they are using can't resolve IPs from hostnames then you would have to manually look up your IP and have them whitelist it each time.

There really is no danger in giving out your public IP. After all, every web host you visit has it. Every app you have likely records it too. The problem would be if you weren't behind a firewall/NAT router. I'm guessing you don't jack directly into the ISP ethernet cable for one computer so you would be fine.

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