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Easy way to save .mac emails ?!

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Easy way to save .mac emails ?!
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Join Date: Jun 2004
2004-10-07, 17:12

Howdy, does anyone have a solution for me to save my email messages on my .mac mail account? I need to save them in case I can't renew my membership before it expires this coming weekend. Preferably, I'd like to burn them to a CD. I have Backup...but not for much longer if my account expires! THANKS for your help!!! ;-)

note: please see other post about my troubles with the regular Mail account on OS X keeps quitting unexpectedly after I installed the latest security updates!
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2004-10-07, 18:03

In, click and drag the mailbox to the blank CD.

Burn the CD.

The end.

BTW, anything under "On My Mac" is indeed stored on your hard drive, IIRC.

edit: Just saw your other thread. Sorry.

Instead, try this:

Open your home folder. Open "Library". Open "Mail". Open "Mailboxes". Burn everything in this folder to the black CD.

Then go back to the Mail folder. Drag the folders with the names of your mailboxes onto the blank CD. For example, I would drag the folder "Mac -" to the CD. I'm not quite sure if the folders are named after the email addresses or the Inbox name, as mine are named after my email addys.
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2005-05-05, 17:23

I think I have an additional question to this:

How do I save e-mails on my mac, so I can access them from Mail, but they wont be taking up space on my .mac account. I've tried creating an archive box under "my mac", instead of under the ".mac" option.

But when I move an e-mail to the archive and erase it from the .mac account. It still shows up when I access .mac via Safari. 'even after I sync. So I gather it's still taking up space on the .mac account?

Doe's anyone even understand what I'm trying to explain. I don't tink I'm making myself quite clear
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2005-05-05, 17:43

Are you using Tiger or Panther? It may not matter, but in Panther mail, go to Mailbox -> New Mailbox. Choose "On my Mac" as the location. Name it whatever you want. Drag the emails that you want to save to the mailbox. That's it. Those messages are now saved on your hard drive.
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