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Installing a subwoofer into a 2005 honda civic

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Installing a subwoofer into a 2005 honda civic
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2007-06-20, 18:12

So I just stumbled upon what looks to be a perfectly good dual 12" powered subwoofer. It is in an enclosure, has an amp, and is in good condition(although there is a slight dent in one of the cones, indicating that it is potentially busted) I want to install it into my car(honda civic lx 2005). At the very least, I want to test it and see if it works.

So, my car is completely stock, and I don't know anything about installing car audio. This unit however is quite complete, and only needs power and a source to function. Meaning, it needs to be connected to the battery and the head unit. So I need some speaker cable, in this case, it looks like it is just RCA cable, and I need some heavy duty copper wire.

The juicy questions are, can the car's stock system support the addition of a subwoofer? if so, are there any considerations I should take into... consideration? if no, what is the cheapest route I can go about towards upgrading the head unit to support the addition of a subwoofer? and lastly, is it even worth doing when the rest of the system is remaining stock?

I know that the stock 2005 audio is pretty decent, at least upgraded over prior models, I have no gripes with the quality of the sound, but the loudness and the bass are definitely missing, I feel that this subwoofer will solve basically both of those issues, and I will happily be fully capable of saturating the streets with bad german techno.

Bonus question: what is the simplest way I can test this thing before going through the task of installing it? I could just plug it into the home stereo via rca I suppose, but that would not give it nearly enough power

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2007-06-21, 02:38

To test it at your house, I would say that you could either hook it up to the pre-amp section of your HT receiver, via RCA cables, or wire it up through the speaker wire if that is what the sub's amp takes.

Does your current sound system in your car have an amplified sub? If so, finding the right source cable would be very easy, as you would just use the one formally attached. If, however, you don't already have an amp, your job just got more difficult and you may need to look at getting it professionally installed.

I've replaced a blown sub in a Ford Explorer and it was really annoying. You had to literally tear all the panels off and take off the seatbelts to gain access.

Luckily you just have a box, and no installation issues to deal with.
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2007-06-21, 03:55

If the sub has a built in amp, you probably have to hook that up to a 12volt supply, and you won't find that in your house. The radio could have a sub output in the back and you would connect the RCA cable to that and the sub's power to your battery. Take note I have never added a sub to a car, and I probably don't know what I am talking about, but I find it hard to believe that RCA port would carry the power you need and I imagine it takes a bit of effort to hide the wires and patch it into your radio.

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