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Few quick questions.

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Few quick questions.
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Join Date: Apr 2005
Location: Scotland
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2006-02-08, 21:09

Few questions to ask if I may;
1.) I am running an iBook G4 (1.33Ghz, 512mb RAM, Radeon 9550 32mb), wondering if World of Warcraft would play acceptably on it, by that I mean normally without too much loading times or jumping?
2.) I am needing a bigger screen than I currently have for my room, I use my 12" ibook to watch dvd's etc. Would a cinema display or such like work ok, or would I be as well to spend a little more and buy an iMac or a TV?
3.) I recently sold my iPod 4th Gen 20GB and I am looking for a new one, I'm having trouble deciding between the 4gb nano and the 30gb model, seeing as the video option isn't a huge deal for me and size/weight/sound quality is more, can anyone tell me some advice as of which way to go (if the 30gb model is light in your pocket etc.) silly stuff really but I can't decide :P

any help will be appriciated,

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2006-02-08, 21:18

1. Yes in PVE. Any serious influx of other players will bring it to its knees.

2. See #1. The Intel iMacs play WoW very, very well. Much better than the G4/G5 ones.

3. no idea.

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Join Date: Apr 2005
Location: Scotland
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2006-02-09, 13:48

thanks for advice,
am seriously concidering new iMac now, seems good all rounder for me.
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2006-02-10, 00:52

I am quite surprised at the speed my intel imac has. Be sure to get more RAM. It really makes a HUGE difference. Others kept saying that on the forum, but it truly makes a big difference: OS X is RAM hungry. Id personally go with a nano. While i have never owned an ipod 'video', I have owned all other ipods and I greatly appreciate the ease with which i can keep my nano in my pockets and barely notice it.
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