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Google+, gchat strangeness on iPhone...

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Google+, gchat strangeness on iPhone...
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2012-09-21, 19:44

Hey all, have an interesting issue here.

I use primarily two chat systems these days: iMessages, and gchat. Messages on the Mac works with both beautifully. Messages on the iPhone works with the former, but not the latter.

No problem, head to the app store to get a Google app, and... no chat app.

Alright, no problem, do some googling, and find pointers to using the Google+ app, since it includes Messenger to use with your Circles.


Except, here's the weird part. Was chatting with a buddy on my Mac, using Messages, via google chat, to Need to head out, not a problem, grab the iPhone, fire up Google+, tap Messenger, select the same person (using as their name) in my Circles, and respond.

No response.

A while later, they respond via the phone. "Why did you move over here?"

We experimented with it for a bit, and it turns out that if you chat with someone from the Google+ app, it *only sends the messages to other Google+ phone apps*, even using the same source and target google IDs!

If you chat via a chat window in a gmail browser window, or via Messages, everything (mostly) syncs across everything else... but the Google+ phone app is an ecosystem in and of itself.

a) What the hell?
b) Anyone have a recommendation for how to get around this silliness? I used to use Beejive, but the last update or so it just vomited all over itself, and refuses to maintain a connection with gchat now. Unusable.

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2012-09-21, 21:31

Beejive was my thought...

You've killed that one though. Maybe give it another try?
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