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MBP takes about a minute to respond after waking up

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MBP takes about a minute to respond after waking up
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Join Date: Feb 2005
2008-02-02, 20:14

My girlfriend's MBP, which she got for Christmas, so it's very new, takes at least a minute to respond to any actions (mouseclick, apple-tab, etc) after it wakes up. Occasionally the screen also remains dark until it starts to respond again. When this happens, the light on the latch is on, as it would be if it had darkened the screen automatically after not being used for a while.

After this minute or so, it works perfectly. It responds to each of the actions the user attempted to make in rapid succession and then acts like a perfectly fine computer.

I also recently noticed that the left hand USB port appears to be dead. I don't know if this is related, and it is possible the USB port was dead for a while already, we haven't needed to use it until just now. The sleep problem presented itself a couple of weeks ago. I hope this isn't indicative of a larger logic board based problem or something. Anyway, if anyone experience with this issue or has heard of it, please post. Unfortunately there isn't an Apple store here in Vancouver, but there are several Apple dealers that may be able to help.
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2008-02-02, 21:10

I don't have an exact answer, but if one of the USB-ports is dead, you most probably do have an hardware issue serious enough to justify a compliant with your dealer.

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2008-02-02, 21:13

Does System Profiler 'see' both USB ports? if it's a hardware problem, it should show up there.
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2008-02-03, 03:16

One minute after waking up? I'd say that's probably normal - mine is much the same.

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2008-02-03, 03:47

The slow wake time probably has to do with Safe Sleep being enabled on newer Macs. The more RAM in the computer (and her MBP should have 2 gigs), the slower the waking from sleep.

Here's both an explanation of Safe Sleep, and a way to turn it off, should you desire:
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2008-02-03, 03:48

Yeah, that's excessive. On my fall 06 C2D MBP (still running 10.4) it takes just 5 seconds to start responding. My guess is that it's unrelated from the USB port... and probably is software related.
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2008-02-03, 09:50

Agreed, Majost, even if I am using so much RAM that my MBP is paging to the HDD, it is usable and awake from sleep within seconds of opening the lid or hitting a button, no response time issues.
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2008-02-03, 11:53

I experienced something similar with my PM G5. It was the harddrive having a bad firmware version causing it to beachball for 2 minutes when waking from sleep.
At a later point in it's life, after ditching that harddrive, it started doing it again for some strange reason. (I used Tiger), but for a shorter time.

My MBP (winter/spring 07) wakes instantly (OK a few seconds) Tiger and Leopard. If Safe Sleep kicks in, you'll see a dimmed screen and a progress bar on the bottom.

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2008-02-03, 12:11

It happens to me but it's very rare. Like 2-3 times in a year. When it happens, the screen stay dark so I reclose the lid and reopen it and evrything is fine.

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2008-02-03, 19:16

Originally Posted by dmegatool View Post
It happens to me but it's very rare. Like 2-3 times in a year. When it happens, the screen stay dark so I reclose the lid and reopen it and evrything is fine.
Ditto. I'm on a 3 1/2-year-old G4 PB 17" and it usually wakes from sleep in about 3-5 seconds. The only times it's a little more sluggish are when I've left about 40 (or more) Safari tabs open.

Aside from the issues mentioned, is it possible the OP's g/f's machine is having a problem connecting to a network (e.g., via AirPort) and that's causing the apparent sluggishness? Also, how often does she restart?
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