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The applenova folding team!

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The applenova folding team!
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careful with axes
Join Date: May 2004
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2015-08-28, 07:03

Originally Posted by turtle View Post
I haven't folded in a long time. It was my goal to beat Eugene back in the day...until he built the massive multi-GPU thing and I was out. I still folded for a good long while with the PS3 and some of my other PCs.

It is still a great thing to do with your spare CPU cycles though.
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Formerly turtle2472
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Location: Tidewater Virginia
2015-08-29, 18:39

Originally Posted by Eugene View Post

It's true.
Veteran Member
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Location: New York City
2015-09-27, 12:44

Originally Posted by Ebby View Post
I've been running SETI@home and Milkyway@home mostly. I'm in the top 0.13% in the USA and top 5% worldwide.
SETI@home is still around! That's crazy! I've never heard of Milkyway@home. I switched over to folding because I feel like medical research is a little bit more practical than trying to look for encrypted alien signals. But mapping our galaxy is super cool. I could be convinced to make the switch. Do they have a similar team structure with tracking and leaderboards like the folding project?

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2015-09-27, 16:37

It is similar. I first thought folding@home used the same BOINC management, but turns out I was wrong. If they did, I'd add that to the cycle.

They do have stats and stuff here: (That is my "team" of 1)

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Lord of the Rant.
Formerly turtle2472
Join Date: Mar 2005
Location: Tidewater Virginia
2020-03-12, 13:15

Looks like Folding is still thing that is now useful for COVID-19. LifeHacker link.. I might just install it again in one of my more dormant systems. I haven't folding in years now but I don't mind throwing in some CPU cycles.

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2020-03-12, 17:55

I meant to dig this thread up the other day when I saw that Seti@home was shutting down.

I used to have this on so many systems, but haven't had it installed in years.
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