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No Chance of Powerbook G5 at WWDC

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No Chance of Powerbook G5 at WWDC
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2005-05-24, 18:43

These recent talks with Intel prove it. Apple has shown frustration with IBM over the fact that:

They have not been able to get the G5 into the powerbook. This means that they will have to switch to something like Centrino, which is solely an Intel technology. The fact that Apple is talking with Intel more recently proves that their will be no Powerbook G5 anytime soon. IBM has no mobile processor to compete with Centrino.

Also, apple is dissapointed with the slow speed increase of the G5 processor. When it was introduced two years ago at 2GHZ, Jobs said that the processor would reach 3 GHZ by the years end. Here we are 2 years later, and we are just getting to 2.7GHZ.

Why is IBM so far off the ball?
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2005-05-24, 18:47


(had to do it.)
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2005-05-24, 18:51

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2005-05-24, 18:56

So by having the WSJ saying it is true, means it is set in stone? I don't think so. The guy just did it to get attention and possibly help Intel out. Also, while this year we only got a 200 Mhz increase, last year we got a 500 Mhz increase let alone the fact IBM had trouble with the 90 nm process. Every chip maker had problems with it. Also, the 970MP wasn't available for apple so they were forced to use a updated 970FX. The 970MP was suppose to be at 3 Ghz. There is still a good shot for the 970MP to show up this year and only being 1 year late on the promise. Now there are reports of a low power G5 in the works. The reports started back in July-November time frame. Even our trusted Morpheus also said that. There is a bright side of working with IBM, they are dedicated and focused on developing the PowerPC chips unlike the G4 processor maker Motorola/Freescale.

PS: In before lock


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2005-05-24, 19:26

I'm in agreement that there won't be a PowerBook G5 at WWDC. Hopefully Steve will have a discussion about Intel with Developers
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2005-05-24, 20:10

I don't think we can expect a PowerBook G5 at WWDC, though I can wish... I also see the point of argument that Apple may be looking into Centrino (bear with me for a minute). We all agree that IF Apple was to use established intel technology to run OS X, they would limit what it could run on, correct? Well, Centrino is not a processor, but rather a COMPLETE laptop architecture, from the PentiumM processor to the integrated wireless, to the PCIe and SATA. Pretty much all of the tech is set there for the developer to use without much variation, except for video chipset, screen, and a few other things. Now, most developers differentiate their tech quite a bit, but I could see Apple taking this integrated tech and running with it. By talking intel into including an AltiVec core into a PentiumM (long shot, but possible) they might be able to keep everything pretty integrated across the line. I think that at that point the G4/G5 difference and PentiumM/G5 difference would be similar. Just a thought, and I doubt it will happen. Would be VERY interesting though.

Another thought: Couldn't they just integrate an AltiVec chip seperately onto the board... kinda like the old math co-prossesors... Now that would be interesting. That would REALLY differentiate their product, to the point where they could keep the general populace from just installing OS X on just any intel Centrino machine...
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2005-05-24, 20:25

That was weird. The reasonableness of the thread title contained no clue as to the unreasonableness contained within.
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2005-05-24, 20:35

It's the internet... That should be your first clue!

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2005-05-24, 22:07

Yeah...this thread was...wrong.
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2005-05-24, 22:45

I think its time to let the Intel inside a mac/whatever you want to call it die. Im getting a little sick of this crap coming up.
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2005-05-24, 22:50

Where's murbot with his trademark graphic?

Well, dancing guy will have to do.

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