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OWC mercury elite pro external multi drive -hard drive- case

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OWC mercury elite pro external multi drive -hard drive- case
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Join Date: Jun 2005
2005-09-18, 10:08

Hai all...I need a little help...

I have a windows pc that I want to sell(because I just bought myself a new powerbook 3 months ago)... . But I want to keep my internal hard drive(two of them).:
(1) is a maxtor 80 GB IDE
(2) is a maxtor 160 GB IDE

My questions are:
(1) Will the drives work If I buy the "OWC Mercury Elite Pro -Al RAID FW800 Drive Enclosure" even the two drives are not identical?

(2) I'm not sure if the "OWC Mercury Elite Pro -Al RAID FW800 Drive Enclosure" can fits 2 drives or 1 drive?

(3) Is there any other options for external multi drive case that I have to consider?

Please advice...


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Join Date: May 2004
Location: Minnesota
2005-09-18, 12:21

It doesn't look like RAID is required in that case, it's just supported. It only supports RAID 1 and RAID 0 anyway, though, and neither of those is very desirable... RAID 0 means that if either drive fails, you lose ALL the information on BOTH drives. It gets you a very marginal performance gain for a 50% decrease in reliability.

RAID 1, on the other hand, mirrors all your data. It's great for backups but obviously you have to use two identical drives and you can only use half as much storage space as you own. Personally I'd just stay away from RAID entirely because it's not meant for normal, budget-conscious consumers.

To the point, though, that looks like a great enclosure that doesn't cost much more than single-drive FW800 enclosures. It looks like you should be able to install both drives and have them work independently, without any kind of RAID setup. Note that in the description, it says "Perfect for mass storage or RAID," implying that RAID isn't the only possible configuration.
Join Date: Jun 2005
2005-09-18, 18:15

thanks a it will be possible to turn off the raid function...

I will buy this one...=)

Thanks Luca.
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