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need a film scanner

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need a film scanner
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New Member
Join Date: Sep 2006
2006-09-30, 09:14

I am running Mac OX 10.4.7 and I need a good film scanner. I have lots of 35mm that I need to scan in.
I have heard the Nikon V and 5000 are good but they are old. Will they work with my G5 dual 2.5Ghz machine running 10.4.7.
Are there any other good film scanners???
Any new ones???
What about the Microtek scanners???

Please help me!!!

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2006-09-30, 09:17

Something like this?
New Member
Join Date: Sep 2006
2006-09-30, 09:37

yes, that is what I am looking for. IS this a good one???
Veteran Member
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2006-09-30, 09:45

Im afraid I don't know.

Here is quite an exhaustive review list though, I Should imagine one of these is pretty good. The reading bits up to you though.
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2006-09-30, 14:51

I used a Nikon Coolscan III before, and it worked good, but I think it was a little slow. Even though it used a SCSI interface.

But the Coolscan V uses USB 2.0, supports higher resolution and should be faster then the Coolscan III.

Either scanner will work with any PPC Mac, no Intel support

If you want to save some money, maybe buy a used Coolscan III, and a SCSI card for your G5.
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2006-09-30, 22:26

We have one of the Nikon Coolscan's in my computer lab and it works great. I don't know which model it is, but it is UBS 2.0 and connected to an eMac. ICE4 really helps with damaged negatives too. I"ll see if I can find the name, thought I'm not scheduled to be back at the computer lab until Tuesday.

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