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The "Pro Workflow Team"

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The "Pro Workflow Team"
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2018-04-14, 16:27

The recent article by Matt Panzerino about the impending Mac Pro makes a great deal of business about the Pro Workflow Team. I'm assuming it's mostly smokescreen for the news that it'll be 2019 before we see a product, but I think the idea of the Pro Workflow Team is weird.

They're apparently professionals working on "real projects" - but what are those projects? Do they have clients? What do they do with the results? Or is it all just make-work for professional lab rats? Divorcing the work of creatives from actual useful output, meaningful client interaction and continuous scrutiny of their work is sure to affect the process, surely?
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2018-04-14, 20:33

I'm sure it will get overanalyzed, but it sounds to me like Apple is trying really hard to get it right, this time. I think the last Mac Pro was a "look what we can do" moment for Apple and they got caught being overly arrogant about the product—more in response to the media's criticism than to their own customers. This time, I really think they are asking themselves what it is that a very small segment of their customer base actually want/need more so than what whiz-bang Apple can shove into a pop can.

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