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Apple=Disney on the whole control/paranoia thing.

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Apple=Disney on the whole control/paranoia thing.
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2005-04-27, 07:26
I saw it a lot when my brother worked at Disney as a Designer/Imagineer but I guess Apple has the same issues. So what if they happen to illustrate a few of Steve's flaws. The overall story is a great one for Apple and Steve. We already know Mr. Jobs is a Egomaniacal Nutbar. We love him for it. There is more to "Insanely" Great Products than the products Steve! I am going to buy the book for sure now!

Publisher banned from Apple stores
John Wiley & Sons says firm pulled all of its books following spat over unauthorized Jobs biography.
April 26, 2005: 9:22 PM EDT

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Technology publisher John Wiley & Sons said Tuesday that Apple Computer Inc. had removed all of its books from Apple store shelves ahead of the publication of a biography of Apple CEO entitled "iCon Steve Jobs."

"There were conversations with an Apple executive and following that the books were pulled," said Wiley spokeswoman Lori Sayde-Mehrtens. "It's an unfortunate decision for us and we're clearly disappointed in their decision."

The Wiley books were removed late last week said Sayde-Mehrtens, adding that the two companies have had a long-standing partnership.

An Apple (Research) spokesman declined to comment on the book or whether Wiley publications had been pulled from Apple shelves, but author Jeffrey Young said Apple did not like his book.

"My understanding is that Wiley requested or asked if there were any factual changes to be made in the book or errors and that's when they (Apple) said the only thing satisfying to us would be not to publish the book," Young told Reuters.

"Obviously there's some relationship between seeing the book and pulling the Wiley books but I don't know what it is," Young said. "I was pretty stunned."

The book, "iCon Steve Jobs: The Greatest Second Act in the History of Business," written by Young with William L. Simon, is not yet available, but an Apple executive got an early copy of the book, Young told Reuters.

Under Jobs, Apple, based in Cupertino, California, is famously tight-lipped about its products and is now suing several individuals for publishing details about upcoming products on the Internet.

Young said that the current book was "pretty positive" and updates a biography of Jobs he wrote 20 years ago titled "The Journey Is the Reward."

"It was pretty negative at that point," Young said of the earlier biography.

The updated biography reflects the turnaround of Apple with redesigned Macintosh computers, the iPod and Jobs' success at Pixar Animation Studios, where he is also CEO.

"This one I thought made his tale much more positive," Young said. "His return to Apple has been somewhat triumphant."

Jobs left Apple in 1985 after disagreements with then-CEO John Scully. He returned to Apple in 1996 as an informal advisor when Apple bought Next, a computer company that Jobs founded, and became chief executive of Apple in 2000.

The move by Apple was first reported by the San Jose Mercury News.

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2005-04-27, 08:23

Did you have to paste in the Ads too?

It also looks a lot better if you use the [ quote ] and [ /quote ] tags when you are quoting something.

Electric Monk
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2005-04-27, 20:05

Sure Steve Jobs is a total asshole.

He's also a genius.

Anybody who does any research can find this out quite easily.

I don't see why Apple feels it has to pull the whole publisher's line of books from their stores over one book that presents a (tabloid-ish) look at Steve Jobs life.

And also, why does the San Jose Mercury News have this huge grudge with Apple these days? Lots of anti-Apple stuff out of them lately.
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